Type of Plant: Tree
Plant part used: Wood/Roots
Countries of origin: California, Taiwan, China, Japan, Australia

The most important oils of Cedarwood are produced from of a number of different junipers and cypresses rather than true cedars through distillation. Ancient Egyptians would use the oil from cedarwood trees in the embalming process, which in effect helped to keep the insects from disturbing the body.

Why We Love It as a Fragrance:

Cedarwood’s warm, balsamic woody fragrance can leave you relaxed & soothed and is a commonly used in many perfumes. Its deep base note has a typical dry and woody scent that beautifully supports higher and cheerful mid-notes of the fragrances. You will not go wrong if you think of cedarwood as of a grounding note. It is very calming and pure, combines very well with citrusy notes, and is often encountered in fragrances for men.

Aromatherapeutic Use:

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, metabolic stimulant, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, insecticide, sedative, fungicidal.


Posted on 22nd Jan, 2016 by Shiv Howell

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