Wick Management
Take Care Of Your Candles

Wick Management

Wicks management, making your
candles last longer!

Keep wick trimmed to 4mm, before & during lighting.

Candle-wick has a tendency to curl over at the top. Be sure to nip this curl off (to 4mm) before re-lighting to help your candle burn evenly.

If a candle is smoking slightly with a large flame, the wick is too long. Extinguish the candle & trim as detailed above.

A low, small flame means the wick has been trimmed too short. Digging around in the wax won’t help, honest! Extinguish, gently tip out any molten wax & re-light.

Avoid all secondary heat sources such as radiators & fireplaces. The extra heat they generate, however small, coupled with the heat from the flame, will make your candle unstable, resulting in rapid burn or collapse.

Take Care Of Your Candles
Making Your Candles Last Longer

Please don’t add additional oils. They are not necessary as melt candles are already highly fragranced. We add fragrance in controlled quantities, so it is present throughout the wax. As the candle burns, and the wax is used, the fragrance is gently released. Any added oil would be burnt off very quickly and increases the risk of fire/spluttering.Candles of varied size, grouped together for visual effect do look good, but try & leave a little space between them, otherwise they become unstable and can collapse.

Candles are a little like real fires – they need to be tended occasionally & monitored. Burning candles in areas where there can be draughts (a hall etc.) means it will burn more heavily on one side than the other; turning it occasionally means that your candle will burn evenly and for a longer time.

Please remember: never leave candles unattended, in a draught, or near a secondary heat source. Keep them out of reach of children and pets. Place them on a suitable holder, large enough to collect any molten wax.

Assuming you adhere to the above conditions, then the longer you burn our candles at any one time – the better they burn. Long burning encourages a wide wax pool, which uses as much of the fragranced wax as possible.