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Eden Scented Candles

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Gorgeous! Cut grass & creamy fig! “Everything is in place - there for you. All that you need, unfolding before you... you are in Eden.”

Another one of your favourite scented candles - and for good reason.

This is one of those rare creatures who offends no-one and delights everyone. She does all seasons and all places in the home, behaves impeccably at all times, is well mannered and charming and so makes the perfect house guest/gift. She’s the “girl” that everyone wants to be friends with and everyone wants to know. We like her .....A LOT!

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Herbs, Spices, Precious Woods & of course...FIG!

Not sure? Try our Wax Samples first

Spring, Summer & late Summer, bringing the outside in - garden rooms & evenings outside...

Not sure? Try our Wax Samples first

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