What does your choice of scent say about you?


Whether you’re a lavender purist or like to sweeten things up with fruity flavours, your choice of scent can say a lot about you and your personality. In today’s blog we’ll be getting right into the nitty gritty about the meanings of scents and telling you just what your favourite scents reveal about you!

Fabulous florals


The beautiful scent of spring blooms is popular but also quite a strong and definitive scent. With a connection to and love of nature, those that opt for floral-based scents are often:

  • Romantic souls
  • Always see the best in people
  • Family oriented
  • Prefer comforting and welcoming atmospheres
  • Caring and kind
  • Always led by the heart

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Lush Lavender


Lavender is a staple in most people’s homes, and while it may not always be a favourite, one will always find a use for it. A craving for a lavender-based scent often means a person is:

  • Susceptible to stress; reaching out to lavender for its stress relieving and calming capabilities
  • Leads a busy and stressful lifestyle
  • An advocate of natural, holistic remedies
  • Prioritises relaxation at the end of a busy day

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A touch of zest


Citrus scents are well known for their invigorating properties. They’re great for adding life and soul to a party and keeping you awake and alert when it matters most. They also say a lot about one’s personality, including:

  • An adoration of the outside. You’ll find citrus lovers out working in the garden, or just taking the outdoors in during a leisurely walk.
  • You have a vibrant and bubbly personality
  • Lemon lovers are often perfectionist, seeking a perfectly clean home and crisp, clean colours like white and yellow, while those with a love of orange scents can deal with a bit of little clutter.
  • Orange lovers tend to be calm and inviting

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Clean and fresh


Like nothing more than the scent of your freshly washed bedsheets? The simplicity of this chic, yet simple, scent reveals:

  • You prefer the simpler things in life
  • You’re welcomed wherever you go
  • An appreciation of simple, stylish, minimalist surroundings
  • An energetic and ambitious personality

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Wandering in woodlands


If the more traditional sweet scents aren’t your bag, perhaps you enjoy the more natural smells of the woodland forest? Earthy, deep and intriguing, you’re probably:

  • A keen explorer
  • Have a unique personality
  • Into natural materials and looking after the world – recycling and riding your bike to work
  • A fan of the arts world and the outdoors


If this sounds like you why not try Forest scented candles? It features an enchanting blend of sandalwood, pine, oakmoss, vanilla and strawberry. Alternatively, view our entire range of luxury scented candles.

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