How To Create The Perfect Spa Atmosphere At Home

13 June 17
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We love treating ourselves – all the research says so! In recent years, there’s been a growing trend towards luxury spending in Britain, with people increasingly focusing more on experiences than individual products.

But sometimes planning a full spa day can be expensive, and often you’ve got to book weeks in advance. Why not have one in the comfort and luxury of your own home instead? A calming bath, a good book, maybe a cheeky glass of wine – and with candlelight burning in the background. This week we’ve got some handy tips for you to achieve just that, and one or two suggestions on the perfect candles too.

Preparing Your Perfect Home Spa

preparing for a spa day

Before you begin, we’d recommend having a quick tidy, both in your bathroom and living room. We know, we know! But honestly, you’d be amazed at how much maximising the space does for that feel of relaxation. You hear it at work all the time – a tidy desk equals a tidy mind. Well, it’s the same at home, too!

Plus, once you’ve got space cleared – and maybe spruced with a quick clean, too – it gives you all the more room to enhance that atmosphere with some beautiful decorations. The ideal choice for this is lots of fresh, lush plants, which really give it that sense of peace and natural beauty (not to mention your luxury scented candles, which we’ll come onto in just a moment). You can even use your best vase to make one or two into an attractive centrepiece.

The look and feel of your towels and linens can make all the difference as well. The whiter and fluffier the better, and you can roll them up instead of folding them to enhance that luxurious feel. A lamp with a dimmer switch can really help you control the mood of the room too, as can a set of speakers with a pre-set playlist of tranquil music. (Obviously though, at Melt we’d advise being extremely careful with electrical equipment around bathtubs. It might be best to set it all up first before you get in, bask in the atmosphere and worry about adjusting it or changing it once you get out.)

Finally, it’s the little touches that can make your spa experience just perfect. Maybe a jug of infused water, with slices of zesty lemons or fresh strawberries within reach. You can get your bath nice and foamy with some quality bubble bath too, and maybe even an exfoliating mask. It’s all about whatever makes you feel most comfortable. And speaking of which…

Complete Your Spa Experience With Luxury Candles

melt candle display

It’s all about fragrance. Aromatherapy has potent effects on your mood and emotions, which makes it invaluable for achieving that sense of utter tranquillity that all of us want from our spa experience. Just an hour of aromatherapy can have calming effects like gently slowing your heart rate, and lowering your blood pressure. As you’d expect, at Melt we’ve got some wonderful suggestions all lined up for you!


One of our most popular candles ever, it’s the sweet hint of chocolate that makes the scent of Angel truly heavenly – just as our legions of satisfied customers will attest.

Blush and White

Both these candles have been carefully created by our skilled chandlers here at Melt for exactly this sort of situation. They’re specifically designed to be comfort fragrances; scents that you’ll just wish you could pick up and cuddle! White is gentle and soft – amazing for relaxation – while Blush is snuggly but with a hint of sweetness. In short, just what you’d want from your perfect spa experience.

Hush and Lavender

These are stunningly feminine florals, so they know how to treat a lady. The beauty is in their subtlety, lifting you up to your own little cloud of luxury without being overpowering. It’s quite something to experience!

Those are just our suggestions though – maybe you’ve got your own ideas about which candles from our range you’ll love most! You can browse our full range here, and start planning your perfect spa evening. Go on, indulge yourself – you deserve it!

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