Don’t Let The Winter Get You Down!

2 February 18
rainy day at home

There’s so much to enjoy about the winter – New Year’s in January, and all the joy and happiness of Christmas in December – that it can be easy to forget it’s not always the happiest time for some people, especially by the time February rolls around. There are lots of possible reasons for this; for many people, Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately shortened to SAD) plays a big part. It’s a type of depression that’s most common in the winter, with the lack of sunlight speculated to have a notable effect on our mental health.

Don’t worry though – here at Melt, we’re on your side! We’ve collected a couple of candles from our range with excellent aromatherapy benefits, which can help you stave off those winter blues. Which one is your favourite?

Our Blush Scented Candle

blush luxury scented candle

Blush candles are just what you need to unwind. It’s been carefully developed by our very own chandlers here at Melt to give a soft and snuggly sense, which might be just what you need after a tough day at work. One of the best ways to combat seasonal depression is to take plenty of time for yourself – as long as you continue handling your responsibilities, it’s important to give yourself the credit for doing so, too!

A home spa bath is one of the perfect rewards for this sort of thing, and our Blush candles contribute wonderfully to the atmosphere. When life gets you down a little bit, settle in for a good long soak – it can really help clear your head!

Aubergine Range Of Candles

aubergine luxury scented candle

Our Aubergine scented candle is the ideal choice for winter. Its beautifully sweet floral scent is enhanced by its warm blackberry colour, making it a favourite amongst our customers for this time of year. If you’re not too keen on the darker months, Aubergine can help you see the brighter side, having been lovingly developed by our experts to embody all the best things about the winter season. It also uses bergamot as an ingredient, which is often used in aromatherapy as an anti-depressant, and is great for giving you a little boost right when you need it.

Shine Candles

shine luxury scented candle

Ah, one of our perennial favourites here at Melt! Shine can be seen as more of a summer scent, but in many ways that’s what makes it wonderful for winter. A hint of grapefruit is great for giving you a sharp burst of mental energy, and we’ve developed this candle so that it releases this scent gradually, helping to prolong the sensation and keep your energy levels going. It’s clean, sharp, and perfect for kickstarting your day. As well as its citrus scents of lemon and mandarin, it also uses bergamot as an ingredient, so it energises you while lifting your mood at the same time. What more could you want to clear those clouds of winter ennui?

These are far from the only candles amongst our selection – who knows, you might well have your own ideas for which ones to get yourself more cheerful again, especially if you’ve bought from us before! Feel free to browse our full range of luxury scented candles here, or visit our little shop on the farm to pick out your favourites in person!