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31 July 15
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While there is a whole lot to love about the summer and holidays abroad, bugs certainly aren’t one of them. From itchy red bites to possible transmission of disease, keeping those creepy crawlies at bay is a must in summer. While commercially available insect repellant can leave its users itchy and even blistered when used regularly and in large quantities, more natural products – like essential oils – offer an attractive and powerful alternative.

Beat the bugs with these 5 scents



If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll probably be thinking that lavender has some serious superpowers by now. It’s mentioned as a remedy in almost all our blogs – so it’s safe to say it does have some very special properties. In fact, lavender was commonly used as a bug repellent for many centuries, helping prevent bites from mosquitos and other biting insects, while making sure the wearer of the scent smelt saintly at the same time.

If you forget to pop on some lavender before exposing yourself to those nasty summer bugs, you can still take advantage of its superpowers post-bite. By applying a diluted solution to the affected area you can prevent the spread of infection caused by the bug bite while reducing the itching and inflammation.


melt blog bug busting lemon

While we may love the zesty scent of lemons; mosquitos and other critters certainly don’t. When teamed with eucalyptus, lemon oil works very well as a mosquito repellent.


melt blog busting scent pine oill

While we can’t see our other halves dousing themselves in lavender oil to protect against insect bites, we can see them using pine oil. With its natural insecticide properties and sweet, woody fragrance, it fights off any nasty bugs while keeping you smelling delightful at the same time.


melt blog bug busting scents patchouli

Image Credit: Phytoart

If you’ve tried one of our Patchouli-infused candles before, like Aubergine, you’ll know just how unique and distinct its smell is. So special is the scent that it can drive away all those nasty pests like mosquitoes, moths and ants as well as other undesirables such as lice, bed bugs and fleas. A bug busting scent for all year round!

Although these remedies are natural, do remember that essential oils are harmful in high concentrations. If you plan to apply them to your skin it’s best to dilute them with water, a carrier oil or lotion. Ideally you need to add 10 drops of oil to 30ml of water or lotion. We also recommend doing a skin test on a small patch of skin before applying it too generously!

Alternatively, burning one of the following scented candles in your home should also send all those pesky bugs away:

Other tips for avoiding insect bites include:

  • Covering up. At night, when mosquitos are rife, wear a light cover up to keep your skin from being too exposed.
  • If you’re on holiday, always make sure that window and door screens are up to prevent mosquitos from getting into your property.

Do you have any top tips for keeping those pesky bugs at bay? If so, leave them in the comments below or tweet them to us @MeltCandles