Type of Plant: Tree
Plant part used: Bark resin
Countries of origin: Baltic Sea Region, Dominion Republic
Amber is fossilised tree resin. When heated under the right conditions Amber can produce an oil with a ‘pinewood’ fragrance. However, due to the minimal scent it produces, the Amber note is derived from natural resins of Labdanum, Benzoin Resin and Vanilla and provides the lasting foundation of many fragrances.

Why we Love it in fragrance:

Amber is regarded as a warm, comforting and sensual scent but also offers warm, resinous and earthy tones. It can be a pretty, feminine & soft as in our Blush and Hush candles or offer an elegant twist and depth to a fragrance as in our Violet & Black Pepper, Shine and Nocturne candles, Used mainly in the ‘base notes’ of a fragrances, Amber gives a foundation to the fragrance and a longevity to the scent.

Aromatherapeutic Use:

Depression, shock, grief, insomnia, analgesic, inflammation, aphrodisiac.

Posted on 20th Oct, 2015 by Michael Cain

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