orange_flower(Citrus aurantium)
Type of Plant: Tree.
Plant part used: Flowers.
Countries of origin: France, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia, Morroco.
Known for its healing effects on the mind, body and spirit, Neroli is an essential
oil harvested in April from the blossom of the Bitter Orange Tree. Extracted by the process of steam distillation its scent is intensely green and uplifting. When extracted by cold compress techniques the result is Orange Flower Water which can be described as smelling sweeter, warmer and more floral than Neroli.

Why we love it in fragrance:

Neroli is one of the few essential oils to be scientifically proven to increase serotonin production in the brain, which makes us feel contented and cheerful. Used as the main ingredient in our Neroli and Rose Geranium candle, the fragrance can be described as pretty, soft & floral!

Why we love it in Skincare:

When used in skincare it will soothe dry and irritated skin and leave it looking refreshed and revitalised. It can stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis to leave skin looking firmer and smoother whilst minimising sun damage.

Aromatherapeutic Use:

Depression, anxiety, shock, hysteria, nervous tension, menopause, dermatitis, phobias, healing.

Posted on 4th Jan, 2016 by Shiv Howell

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