The Chandlery and Reading Room at Melt

Chandlery & Reading Room

The Chandlery

A chandlery was originally the office in a medieval household responsible for the storage and distribution of candles and wax.

Melt’s chandlery is a quiet and peaceful room dedicated to our unique range of fragranced candles – which are all hand made at Backridge Farm. The display tables allow you to sample our full range of 30 available fragrances – which all contain complex blends of essential oils and ingredients that combine to create exquisite perfumes – before you select your final choice from the shelves.

You can read more about our essential oils and their properties in Melt’s ‘Bible of Ingredients‘ which is on display.

All our candles are beautifully gift boxed – and can be placed in a gift bag along with a care card and gift card making them the perfect present.

The Reading Room

Alongside the candles is an imaginative ‘library of books’ that cover a range of genres from comical to quirky, unusual to whimsical! – and those oh so beautifully illustrated editions from our childhood.

Grab yourself a glass of wine as you browse the shelves – or take a seat whilst you read.

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