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You’ve heard of scented candles. Now, it’s time for scented MANDLES!

Scented candles for men – otherwise known as “mandles” – are back in the news. Professional grump and all-round “man’s man”, Jeremy Clarkson, took to his column in The Sun last month to bemoan women’s love of scented candles, grousing:

“I’ve never understood why women love scented candles so much. To me, they all smell like the air fresheners you get in minicabs. They all make me feel sick.”

The unfortunate Clarkson, who’s clearly never smelled any of our gorgeous scented candles, goes on to talk about an American company – The Stinky Candle Company – that’s come up with a range of…shall we say, unusual scented mandles.

The scent of a sizzling hot man. Um…bacon?!

Included in The Stinky Candle Company’s range of scented mandles are petrol scented candles, as well as candles inspired by money, wet grass and bacon! Just what you want sizzling away in your guest bedroom and ensuite…

Clarkson seems impressed, though, adding that if the company rolls out a line of scented mandles that smell like Castrol R engine oil, he’ll be there like a shot. Well, if you like your home smelling like the underside of a car bonnet, that’s all well and good, but we’d like to suggest to Jeremy Clarkson that he gives our lovely scented mandles a go!

Scented candles for men – without the weird smells!

As picked up by the Daily Telegraph late last year, scented candles for men are growing in popularity. And, contrary to what Jeremy Clarkson might think, they don’t have to be inspired by all things weird and wonderful.

Plenty of our scented candles have a more masculine touch, so we’ve picked out a few here that you might like to try. And with our scented candle taster box still on offer, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one!

So come on, Jeremy: give Melt’s scented mandles a go! We’re not ashamed to say we can’t give you bacon and engine oil, but if our candles are good enough for Gary Barlow, we’re sure they’ll be good enough for you! 😉

Can you handle our scented mandles?!

If you fancy getting your mitts on our mandles scented candles for men (or our scented candles, for that matter!), we’ve got plenty to choose from, so there’ll be a fragrance that sums you up perfectly.

What do you think to scented mandles that smell like bacon, oil and petrol? Would you give them a “Yes, please!” or a “Heck, no!”? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles!