Why handmade is best when it comes to scented candles

Why handmade is best

If you’re a regular shopper at Melt, you’ll know just how important natural, organic, and eco-friendly practices are here. Created in-house, our luxury handmade candles are really that – luxurious. To give them that luxury touch, we use natural ingredients in our handmade candles, helping us create the best in scents and smells.

Because quality comes first with handmade scented candles…

hand poured scented candle

We use natural ingredients and essential oils in all our candles – meaning you get to benefit from all their therapeutic properties. From helping you wind down at the end of the day to giving you that boost of energy, there’s a Melt scented candle for any need.

As we rely on essential oils, there aren’t any variances in quality either. All of our candles feature real aromatherapy scents that deliver exactly the benefits they should do.

Attention to detail with handmade candles…

hand making scented candles

We love the fact that we create each and every candle ourselves. We don’t rely on a big factory or churn a whole bunch of chemicals and fragrances in mass. You could say we have trust issues – but we like to think we’re perfectionists, delivery the best quality product to you.

As we create our scented candles in-house, you can guarantee that every candle smells and looks exactly as it should. We don’t scrimp on ingredients or the size of a candle.

Another perk of making our candles in-house is our Sample Fragrances, which allow you to get a taster of a fragrance before committing. These mini chunks of wax become available as and when we create each new batch of candles.

We say “no” to nasties in our candles…

scented candle equipment

The problem with chemicals is that we don’t really know a lot about their dangers and risks. Synthetic chemicals may have adverse effects on our bodies and cause inflammation and damage to our immune system. By using chemical-free ingredients, we create the safest, healthiest candles possible – ensuring there are only benefits when using candles from Melt.

What’s more, our chemical-free candles are eco-friendly too. As we use natural oils and conventionally produced ingredients, there’s minimal negative environmental impact, if any. This not only makes us feel good, it makes you feel like you’re doing your bit too.

A creative, one-of-a-kind scent…

melt scented candle workshop

Another reason it’s great not relying on anyone else is that we get to make creative fragrances. We hate to be told, “No, it’s not possible,” or “No, it’s too expensive.” By making our own handmade scented candles, we don’t have to worry about this happening.

Thanks to the handmade nature of our candles, we’ve been able to create some fantastic, one-of-a-kind scents including Rich Cream scented candles, Dance scented candles, and Saddle scented candles. We’ve also been able to create some super-expensive scents – just because we want to – including the brand new Dark Wood, coming to the Melt scented candle shop soon!

To shop even more natural products, why not take a look at our skincare range of products? Organic and plant based, we’ve only picked the best of today’s products for your skin.

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