Royal baby fever hits Melt

It’s a boy! On Monday 22nd July, Britain welcomed the much-awaited arrival of the royal baby. Kate Middleton, The Duchess of ...

Posted on 24th Jul, 2013 by Cheryl Hook

Candle Gift Buying Guide

What do you get the person who has everything? I think everyone has that someone who is difficult to buy ...

Posted on 5th Jul, 2013 by Cheryl Hook


Recession-hit couples stay in with luxury scented candles

Instead of going out to restaurants, it seems that modern couples are now creating romantic atmospheres in the comfort of ...

Posted on 27th Jun, 2013 by Cheryl Hook


Enjoying a summer sunset with Melt

Since the warm weather has returned once more, we thought we’d help you enjoy the Summer Solstice on Friday! Marking ...

Posted on 19th Jun, 2013 by Cheryl Hook

Candle etiquette

Who knew there is such thing as candle etiquette? Weddings, events, restaurants and spas are usually where you’ll find candles. ...

Posted on 14th Jun, 2013 by Cheryl Hook

Spring & summer scents for your home

Now that we are well into Spring and Summer, here in Britain, we have to relish each day when the ...

Posted on 14th Jun, 2013 by Cheryl Hook

Fragrance trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Sali Hughes, resident beauty columnist for the Guardian Weekend magazine and weekly contributor to BBC Radio 5 Live, shares her ...

Posted on 30th May, 2013 by Cheryl Hook

interior decor

A guide to spring and summer interior décor

It’s late spring,  and summer is getting closer and closer. But many Brits may not feel too summery with the UK’s weather ...

Posted on 20th May, 2013 by Cheryl Hook

Finishing Touches

Weddings are one of the most special occasions you will ever attend.  Right from the start, everything which you see ...

Posted on 15th May, 2013 by Cheryl Hook


9 ways to re-use your scented candle wax

Ever wondered what to do with all your old bits of scented candle wax after your wick has burnt down? ...

Posted on 9th May, 2013 by Cheryl Hook

How scented candles in the bathroom can enhance your bathing experience

Most of us lead busy, stressful lives. We could all use a little pampering and relaxation sometimes. When decorating your ...

Posted on 7th May, 2013 by Cheryl Hook

Spring has finally sprung

It’s finally springtime – although you wouldn’t have guessed it from the weather. It’s slightly disappointing that spring is such ...

Posted on 29th Apr, 2013 by Cheryl Hook

How to care for your scented candles

We want you to get the most out of your scented candles. From experience, here at Melt, we know how ...

Posted on 22nd Apr, 2013 by Michael Cain

Burn Baby Burn

Every candle lover knows that there’s more to choosing the perfect candle than its size, shape, scent and colour. The ...

Posted on 9th Jan, 2013 by Cheryl Hook

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