Melt’s Easter Competition – and Mothers Day competition winner


Working in the beautiful Ribble Valley countryside as we do, there has been much talk of melt’s menagerie over the years. Llamas, geese, chickens, Shetland ponies (very naughty), rabbits galore and sparrowhawks in the workshop – they add humour and rhythm to our daily lives.

But when “Mrs. Black” (resident rabbit and broccoli aficionado) hopped into our photoshoot last month – obligingly sporting melt’s colours – it was too good an opportunity to miss. So, here she is….endearingly fronting our Easter campaign.

For our 3rd #acandleisnotjustforchristmas competition, we’d simply like you to give us a caption bubble for Mrs. Black.

To enter:

  1. Simply come up with a witty and/or clever caption to go with the image below.
  2. And leave your caption in the comments section at the bottom of this post.


The winner will be announced on Monday 14th April and will receive a hamper of their favourite handmade candles to the value of £135.

To find out if you were the lucky winner of our Mothers Day competition – please follow the link to our blog post here.

Thank you to all of you for the continued good fun…

Kindest regards

From all at melt x

200 responses to “Melt’s Easter Competition – and Mothers Day competition winner”

  1. Mrs Diane Darby says:

    K e r t y s c h o o !!!

  2. elaine franklin says:

    Why not give an eggstraordinarily beautiful MELT candle this easter !

  3. Lynsey Canty says:

    Help boost my modelling career so I can get out of the chocolate egg delivery game!

  4. Laura winckley says:

    Ditch the eggs and save your waist, candles that smell far better than any chocolate tastes!

  5. Nicky Noodle Lewis says:

    of course my colouring was the inspiration for their packaging…

  6. Les Bowman says:

    I wonder which box the carrots in ?

  7. Angie Allen says:

    Rabbits can see in the dark, we can not , so I guess we had better light these gorgeous candles

  8. Chris Chambers says:

    Hot cross bunny?

  9. Edward Guerreiro says:

    All I need now is opposable thumbs and I might be able to use these.

  10. Christina says:

    Melt – even carrots can’t hold a candle to you.

  11. Julia Cousins says:

    hahaha…Fluffy, Thumper & Clover they all gave up chocolate for Lent and I’ve decided to buy them a candle instead of an Easter Egg!!!!!

  12. Kerry Dobson says:

    It seems that all sweet things come in black and white packages!

  13. sam higgs says:

    Anyone got a light ??

  14. David Tye says:

    and a rabbit is not just for easter

  15. FawcettSA says:

    MELT Candles, for those dark moments, when carrots just aren’t enough

  16. nicola sadler says:

    hunny have you been growing those giant carrots again!?

  17. Denise says:

    A Carrot disguised as a Candle………………mmmmm those humans are getting clever

  18. Sam Schofield says:

    i must be going deaf! I thought they said win £135 worth of carrots not candles…..they do smell good enough to eat mind 🙂

  19. Elizabeth Briggs says:

    I said lots of CARROTS not CANDLES – Silly Humans – anyone would think I was talking Rabbit or something!

  20. Jude Meaney says:

    Candles – check, rabbit-check. Romantic night for one -sorted!

  21. Amy Walthall says:

    Cos I prefer broccoli to carrots I need some help seeing in the dark so these candles are perfect, and they’re so pretty too! 🙂

  22. Tracey says:

    Oh no!! No more eggs!!
    “These are sweet like chocolate”
    Il leave these instead

  23. Vakhida says:

    now, which box did i put my eggs in..x

  24. Claire Harrington says:

    ”Your not slow roasting me with these”

  25. anthony harrington says:

    “well you did say that I get on your wick!”

  26. Louise Palmer says:

    “Hop it buster… They’re mine… ALL MINE!!!!”

  27. Lisa Sturrock says:

    hoppy easter

  28. Phil Darling says:

    These strange vegetables smell great, but don’t taste too good, and get stuck in your teeth

  29. Claire Smith says:

    Watch out these are ears not wicks!

  30. Karen Bradley says:

    The Daffs can wait said the Easter Bunny, I’ll have the Melt Candles to keep my life sunny 🙂

  31. CatP says:

    If you don’t do a carrot cake-scented one, I’m leaving!

  32. Larry Mseda says:

    Am i getting on your wick??

  33. Conrad Edwards says:

    I’ve got the poshest warren for miles

  34. Karen Chaloner says:

    Hmmm..the one in the middle’s the right colour..i’ll just give it a nibble…

  35. Lisa Everaert says:

    “Honestly i love you all, but the white just melts my heart”

  36. Judith Treaddell says:

    What every woman wants; flowers, candles and loadsa bunny!

  37. Lynn Mitchell says:

    love the candles but wheres the carrot one?

  38. Melt says:

    Hi Diane….many thanks and have a lovely weekend…meltx

  39. Melt says:

    Ha! Many thanks Elaine…meltx

  40. Melt says:

    Hmmmmm chocolate or candles …tough one that! Meltx

  41. Melt says:

    A ditty! We LIKE those….thank you, meltx

  42. Melt says:

    But of course….! Meltx

  43. Melt says:

    Thank you! Meltx

  44. Melt says:

    Thanks Angie….meltx

  45. Melt says:

    Ha…we like! Meltx

  46. Melt says:

    Love it Edward…..thank you!

  47. Melt says:

    Awwwwwww….s’nice! Thank you….meltx

  48. Melt says:

    Brilliant Julia…many thanks meltx

  49. carla says:

    Hmmmmm…sniffing for the one you make with cabbage, broccoli and carrot essential oils. You DO make one with those, don’t you?!

  50. Melt says:

    Love it Kerry….(of course!) many thanks meltx

  51. Melt says:

    ……we like! Many thanks…meltx

  52. Melt says:

    David we have a vacancy …and think you have the humour for the job! Love it…many thanks meltx

  53. Melt says:

    Perfect! ….think we should use this in iur next campaign! Thank you…meltx

  54. Melt says:

    Thanks Nicola…you’re all getting too good at this….meltx

  55. Melt says:

    Thanks Denise, all good fun…meltx

  56. Melt says:

    Carrots it is then…..many thanks, meltx

  57. Melt says:

    Or “Bunnish”! Many thanks meltx

  58. Melt says:

    Oh Jude! We laughed so much we nearly broke our curfew last night to reply to this…..priceless…meltx

  59. Melt says:

    Many thanks Amy….have a lovely weekend…meltx

  60. Melt says:

    Many thanks Tracey…have a fab weekend…meltx

  61. Melt says:

    All together now….” The black and white one!” Many thanks…meltx

  62. Melt says:

    Couldn’t possibly Claire…many thanks. Meltx

  63. Melt says:

    Many thanks….meltx

  64. Melt says:

    Thanks Louise…have a fab weekend….meltx

  65. Melt says:

    Hi Lisa….many thanks indeed…short and sweet;0) meltx

  66. Melt says:

    Strange indeed….many thanks and have a fab weekend…meltx

  67. Melt says:

    Heaven forbid! Many thanks Claire…and have a fab weekend…meltx

  68. Melt says:

    A ditty! And a cute one….we like! Have a fab weekend….meltx

  69. Melt says:

    Perfect…many thanks, meltx

  70. Melt says:

    No! …have a fab weekend…meltx

  71. Melt says:

    We’d like to think it smells good too! Many thanks Conrad…have a fab weekend…meltx

  72. Melt says:

    Perfect…many thanksKaren, and have a fab weekend….meltx

  73. Melt says:

    Thanks Lisa…have a fab weekend! Meltx

  74. Melt says:

    Too, too funny Judith & just the right side of naughty;0) ….have a fab weekend! Meltx

  75. Melt says:

    Many thanks Lynn…have a good weekend …meltx

  76. Melt says:

    We’re on with it Carla ……straight away! Have a fab weekend….meltx

  77. Caroline H says:

    Dear Melt. I would like to complain about the large rabbit which I found in my recent order . . . .

  78. Pam says:

    “I’m sure the Easter egg is in this one…..”

  79. Diana says:

    I could rabbit all day about Melt candles

  80. Katrina Winning says:

    So…how do I eat these?

  81. Lynn custance says:

    Theirs nothing I LOVE MORE than taking a walk in the Forest and finding a rabbit eating an AUBERGINE in the STILL of the night.Oh what a JOY I LOVE it.xx

  82. maureen findley says:

    these candles breed like rabbits!

  83. Jo Gunner says:

    Ohhh boy, I didnt think anything could smell as good as Mr Black, Im yours

  84. Lynsey Canty says:

    Poor easter bunny is sick of the delivery game, it’s a zero hour contract and seasonal! Btw…. lovely candle my hubby treated me to had a chocolate note , heavenly! Think it was called Angel in fact …

  85. Kerry v says:

    Mrs Black’s monochrome range

  86. Emma Baker says:

    Hmmmm, these all smell amazing but how am I going to light them with no opposable thumbs!?

  87. Louise Smith says:

    Don’t let me rabbit on about them, see for yourself

  88. Maria Taylor says:

    Hay, wrap me a candle and hop to it, i have to impress a girl and her old boyfriend was Rabbit de Niro

  89. Lin Young says:

    if it wasnt for the daffodils I would be hard to spot

  90. Sarah radford says:

    These candles would make any hutch smell like heaven! But when will they make one that smells like spring cabbage….? #sigh

  91. 15 minutes later and mum still can’t find me, haha no bath for me, I’ll just smell like these block things!

  92. peter redpath says:

    if they try to light me one more time, ime leaving !

  93. Singers says:

    Ahh, melt: they’re constantly rabbiting about candles.

  94. Melt says:

    Love it Caroline…many thanks, and have a good weekend. Meltx

  95. Melt says:

    Thanks Pam….enjoy the rest of the weekend…meltx

  96. Melt says:

    Thanks Diane….enjoy the rest of the weekend! Meltx

  97. Melt says:

    Orange one first! Enjoy the rest of the weekend…..meltx

  98. Melt says:

    Ahhhh Lynn…far too clever….thank you! And enjoy the rest of the weekend…meltx

  99. Melt says:

    Now there’s a thought….would make our life much easier! Thank you , meltx

  100. Melt says:

    Thanks Jo….meltx

  101. Melt says:

    Ha! Chanel…eat your heart out! Thanks Kerry, meltx

  102. Melt says:

    Thanks Emma……enjoy the rest of the weekend. Meltx

  103. Melt says:

    Thanks Louise…..enjoy the rest of the weekend…meltx

  104. Melt says:

    Brilliant Maria…..bonkers…but brilliant! Thanks so much, meltx

  105. Melt says:

    Thanks Lin….have a good weekend…meltx

  106. Melt says:

    We’ll work on it Sarah! Many thanks…meltx

  107. Melt says:

    Perfect….thanks Michaela, meltx

  108. Melt says:

    Ha! Thanks Peter…..meltx

  109. Melt says:

    Guilty as charged! Many thanks….meltx

  110. ellie_meehan says:

    Pssssst…………don’t tell them
    but I’m actually a “Mr” Rabbit

    They’re totally brilliant with wax
    and me…………….I’m their Wayne!

  111. Melt says:

    Ha! Rumbled Ellie…..many thanks…meltx

  112. Maria McMenamin says:

    “Ok…..the one on the right looks like grass and the one on the left looks like a carrot, but I hope that they going to pay me for this posing with the real carrots!!!!!”

  113. Lynn custance says:

    Hop to it melt, I want the orange one it looks like a carrot, but then again to me everything does.

  114. Lynn custance says:

    The is nothing I LOVE MORE than putting a SADDLE on my horse, and hopping off into the STILL,HUSH FOREST while the stars SHINE through the trees and make a WHITE Mark on the ground. Although I do like being IN THE PINK hut eating an AUBERGINE covered in NOIR RICH CREAM.

  115. salsquiggle says:

    Gosh this smells of my favourite lettuce. Do you think they’d notice if I nibble a bit and put it back in the box?

  116. Kel Curtis says:

    “who has hopped off with my favourite candle??” – “Oh well, i’ll take the orange one in the middle, looks like a carrot – nom nom nom”

  117. Jo Pitt says:

    Can you see me?

  118. Julia Costello says:

    I thought you said ‘Carrot Shoot’ not ‘Candle Shoot’!

  119. Alexia Richardson says:

    Stop the camera darling, I have a piece of spinach stuck in my teet

  120. Tom Baines says:

    mmmm know i have a bad case of mixamemelties

  121. Richard smith says:

    What, I’m not a candle? Well, bunny you should mention that cos’ I don’t carrot all!

  122. Claire Denise York says:

    “I’m so cute-I’ll MELT everyone’s heart”

  123. Lesley Walsh says:

    Can I smell broccoli?

  124. Mrs Diane Darby says:


  125. Mrs Diane Darby says:


  126. Laura says:

    It sure looks like a carrot…scent-sational

  127. Jude Meaney says:

    Tee hee hee! How naughty! ;o)

  128. jsarg says:

    mmm smells even better than carrots!!

  129. Rory Campion says:

    Better not stay still for too long, someone might think I’m a novelty candle and set light to my ears..

  130. Rebecca Jane Roberts says:

    You must be hopping mad to be giving all this away

  131. Snizzaman says:

    Now wheres my candelabra?, This selfies more flamboyant than Liberace!

  132. Elizabeth Gurney says:

    Candles and bunnies? Melt definitely know what ladies like!

  133. Cecelia Allen says:

    I’m staying up here, all my chocolate bunny mates go into melt down at Easter

  134. Laura Jayne Bates says:

    am just loitering with intent to burn baby

  135. gfa01 says:

    Has anyone seen my carrots?

  136. Solange says:

    So what do we have hare? Ooooh….candles

  137. ♫ Alison M ♪ says:

    Has anyone seen the Easter bunny? I was told he went this way

  138. Ashton Grayson says:

    What….you mean you can’t eat them?! They just smell amazing…well they are perfect for humans then

  139. Sarah Buckley says:

    Well these will last longer than my Easter eggs! Hoppy Easter everyone!

  140. Louise Payne says:

    I ate all those carrots to see in the dark and now they tell me I could have used a candle.

  141. Katie Skeoch says:

    Those are some funny looking eggs…

  142. Guy Platten says:

    “I’ve heard of fork handles but this is just ridiculous”

  143. michelle bennett says:

    Even packaged to compliment my outfit 😀

  144. Courtney I says:

    Any bunny for a lush candle?

  145. Chantel says:

    Hop on over to Melt this Easter – every bunny knows it make scents!

  146. daisyduck says:

    Mrs Black says that these will keep someone very hoppy

  147. LeeLee Doodygirl Mse Newsome says:

    Yummy something other than diet food

  148. jacknutter says:

    chocolate is sooo last year, us rabbits have come to our scents and are now in melt down in Ribble!

  149. Natalie Fairhurst says:

    Come to your scents, Easter isnt for Bunny’s, Because the right candle is worth more than a day.

  150. Mike says:

    Eeeh what’s up doc.

  151. james wright says:


  152. PAMBY says:

    mm so much nicer that chocolate easter eggs

  153. melanie crumpton says:

    Now thats what you call luck!

  154. Janet Bennett says:

    Crossing my lucky rabbit feet to win this lot

  155. Mark Whittaker says:

    The only problem with such naturally scented candles is a Bunny can be deceived .

  156. sherri fordham says:

    Hmmm i wonder if any of these are chocolate scented, I am an Easter bunny after all!

  157. AliThorpe says:

    “These Melt products are as beautiful and as natural as me”!

  158. angela sandhu says:

    No Carrots for me – chocolicious!

  159. Clint Howat says:


  160. Danika Lloyd says:

    Hop into Easter, Melt into Spring

  161. gillian burden says:

    oooooooomggggg love it

  162. Sj Wesley says:

    Mrs Black was trying her best to make the chocolate disappear!

  163. sarah mills says:

    Monochrome is in this season- did you know?

  164. Sharon M Moncrieff says:

    A candle from Melt, what a great prize. As they’re so good, no matter what size. So let it be me, a prize this good, give it to me, you really should.

  165. cornishgirl says:

    I’m Mrs Black, the bun
    Come and join my Easter Fun
    We make fab candles in the valley of Ribble
    So hop along here and take a nibble 🙂

  166. Kristy Leanne Brown says:

    What do you mean?? I know candles are the rage but no chocolate from old cousin Tom this Easter?? I want both!

  167. Caroline Scott says:

    chocolate and candles – some things are just better when they melt

  168. Jill cordner says:

    I’m not the Easter bunny, I’m the Easter bunnies son
    I won’t get off these candles, until you tell Jill that’s she’s won!
    X x

  169. HeeDeeHee says:

    Wick’s up, Doc?

  170. gremlintrees says:

    Getting miffed now, if just one more Melt fan tries to rub my foot for luck I’m going to have to tell them to ‘hop off’!

  171. bethcastle says:

    I love the daffodils because I’m a Welsh rabbit.

  172. Trish D says:

    “Put a cute little black and white number on they said. Get all the broccoli you want they said. Pfft… can’t see so much as a floret!!”

  173. stuartpayne says:

    No one will know that I am Santa in disguise.

  174. Pam Harrison says:

    That’s not a carrot!

  175. Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby says:

    Its nearly here! And its sunny!
    & I am here! the Easter Bunny!
    Got more Choc’s than you can handle?
    Then come and get a delicious candle!
    A scent for every fun filled season,
    come on peeps, you need no reason!
    Come and get into the habit,
    take the word of this Easter Rabbit!
    The bestest scents you ever will have smelled!
    get your backsides here at MELT! 🙂

  176. Kerry Jordan says:

    Here’s “hopping” your Easter is as fragrant as can be!

  177. shirleyharpley says:

    Easter Bunny says: Not everyone wants chocolate for Easter, choose Melts for an eggstra special Easter gift!

  178. chillijamx says:

    ooohh lovely lots of lovely candles and a big floating eater egg!

  179. Ray Merchant says:

    Hello, my name is Mrs Black, I’m 7 years old and I’m a Meltaholic………..

  180. Kirsty Mills says:

    I’m a cute bunny please don’t mistake me for a candle!

  181. kirsty says:

    ‘Yes take the photo now, this is my best side, god I’m good looking!’

  182. alison clark says:

    Are you thinking what im thinking…….

  183. LucyDorrington says:

    Next to these black and white boxes, do I Melt into the background?

  184. Denise Was-Rallison Slater says:

    The Autumn Forest fragrances were like Eden to Mrs Black. In the Hush she
    Dance(d) in to find Still More Joy, and maybe Love, with Mr White.

  185. Emily Knight says:

    A candle is not just for Christmas – and neither am I! 🙂

  186. Claire Wilkinson says:

    im thinking if i pose in the right way i would look like these

  187. Miss Natalie Wallace says:

    I like to admire my candles on display. It is so much better than the temptation of milk tray.

  188. Susan English says:

    “Hi my names Mrs Black and I admit I’d rather have a Melt
    candle than a carrot”

  189. sue willshee says:

    Admittedly the guard bunny looks cute and fluffy….but just try to get your hands on the melts and you’ll soon discover all is not quite as it seems 🙂

  190. Helen Stott says:

    Looks like im in the draw.

  191. anthony harrington says:

    Bunny had been following the recent Budget with interest as he was worried that there would be an increase on the price of hops!

  192. Pam says:

    Monochrome is so in this spring, daahling!!

  193. Helen McCarron says:

    Easter Bunny says “I know what I’ll be delivering to the McCarron house this Easter, and it won’t be chocolate eggs! I wonder if Melt allows bunnies to set up an account?”

  194. Kayleigh Beirne says:

    Somebunny better take the hint and buy me this.

  195. Alix Johnson says:

    If I don’t win, I’ll be a hot cross bunny

  196. debbie godbolt says:

    bunny says hop over to melt and buy some lush candles before the easter bunny gets them all

  197. Sarah Greenwood says:

    “Is it a kind of a shadow
    Brought about by these candles’ light
    Wandering over the hills unseen
    Oh is it a dream?”

  198. Lynn custance says:

    It’s warm round all these candles,when your so furry,I’m melting.

  199. Sam Schofield says:

    who won this fab giveaway pls

  200. Jude Meaney says:

    Who won? Who won? X

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