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summer scents how rose lavender and mandarin affect your health feature image

Summer Scents: How Mandarin, Rose And Lavender Affect Your Health

Well, this is all very lovely! Continuing on from our blog a few weeks ago about how spring scents affect ...

Posted on 30th Jun, 2017 by Cheryl Hook

our cashmere luxury candle a superb present for mothers day feature image

Our Cashmere Luxury Candle: A Superb Present For Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day coming up, we were faced with a pretty tricky task here at our shop on the farm: ...

Posted on 24th Mar, 2017 by Cheryl Hook

an in depth look at the mysteries of dark wood

An In-Depth Look At The Mysteries Of Dark Wood

Another entry in our series introducing you to some of our most recent products, this week we’re turning a fond ...

Posted on 20th Mar, 2017 by Cheryl Hook

a closer look at Recherché

A Closer Look At Recherché

Springtime is nearing, and the sun’s finally coming out! What better way to celebrate the cheerful change in weather than ...

Posted on 20th Mar, 2017 by Cheryl Hook

Aromatherapy: Your solution to aches and joint pain this winter

Aromatherapy: Your solution to aches and joint pain this winter

During the winter months, we all need that little extra TLC. Flu, colds and sickness bugs are rife and with ...

Posted on 28th Nov, 2016 by Cheryl Hook

Keep on trend with our top summer fragrances

Keep on trend with our top summer scented candle fragrances

British Summer Time may be on its way out, but we’re not giving up on summer just yet. With so ...

Posted on 15th Aug, 2016 by Cheryl Hook

fab fragrances for fathers day

Fab fragrances for Father’s Day

Stuck for the perfect gift for Father’s Day? If you’re fed up of buying the same old thing for dad ...

Posted on 17th Jun, 2016 by Cheryl Hook

Spring shopping list Fragrances

Spring shopping list: Fragrances

Last week, we talked about why we love spring – sharing some of our favourite seasonal sights and smells. With ...

Posted on 18th Mar, 2016 by Cheryl Hook

melt blog cedar ingredients focus feature image

Relax with Cedarwood

If you’re a bit of a Melt candle addict, you’ll have noticed we feature cedarwood in quite a few of ...

Posted on 24th Aug, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

melt blog autumn preview feature image

Autumn: Savour the best of this season’s scents

When we think about the changing seasons it’s the smells that really remind us of the season, as opposed to ...

Posted on 17th Aug, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

melt candles aromachology aromatherapy feature image

Aromachology vs aromatherapy: what’s the difference

Aromachology and aromatherapy may sound fairly similar, but they are more different than you might think. While they both promote ...

Posted on 10th Aug, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

melt summer ingredients feature image

Summer ingredients focus: mandarin, apricot and peach

What do you love most about summer? Those delicious barbecues? Ice cream on the beach? Or perhaps the beautiful blooming ...

Posted on 7th Aug, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

melt candles blog bug busting scents

Bug banishing scents

While there is a whole lot to love about the summer and holidays abroad, bugs certainly aren’t one of them. ...

Posted on 31st Jul, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

productivity feature image

Can certain scents inspire productivity?

We’ve all been there – so much to do yet so little inclination to get it done. While it can ...

Posted on 24th Jul, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

melt blog 27 july feature image

Natural remedies for depression

Depression is a frustrating illness suffered by a huge percentage of the population. Whether you’ve just got the seasonal blues, ...

Posted on 17th Jul, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

sleep remedy feature image

Sleep well this summer with aromatherapy

With the summer heat and early sunrise playing havoc with our sleeping patterns we can feel tired, lousy and irritable ...

Posted on 7th Jul, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

aphrodisiacs feature

How scents cause attraction

Did you know that scents and smells have the power to trigger your emotions? They can kickstart your day by ...

Posted on 6th Jul, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

11th may feature image

The mood and mind-boosting power of jasmine

The beautiful floral scent of jasmine is one of our favourites. Unlike its delicate flower, its scent is rich, exotic, ...

Posted on 15th May, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

4th may feature image

Aromatherapy for hayfever relief

While the summer sunshine doesn’t quite seem to have arrived in the UK yet there’s certainly been a bout or ...

Posted on 8th May, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

Scents for all seasons

Scents for all seasons

There’s a lot of thought that goes into creating our sensational scents you know. We don’t just through in a ...

Posted on 2nd Feb, 2015 by Cheryl Hook

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