A Candle Is Not Just For Christmas…


Hi there,

….And for those of you who we haven’t yet spoken to – a VERY happy 
New Year!

We’re delighted to start 2014 feeling rather perky and upbeat. 2013 was a lovely year for melt. The warm summer, when it arrived, meant that many of us took advantage of the lovely evenings to sit out with friends (or a book), a glass of wine …..and a handmade scented candle or two. The autumn/winter season was super busy and we pushed our last mail orders out of the moulds and doors on Friday 20th Dec, such was the demand.

January sees us launching our “A candle is not just for Christmas” campaign which will run throughout the year; it is your chance to tell us about the fragrances you adore and why – (and possibly those you are not that keen on too!) and gives you the chance to win a hamper of your favourite scented candles and reed diffusers worth £133.70 ….not to be sniffed at!

Here’s our first competition:

With Valentine’s Day just a heartbeat away, we want to know the fragrance which you adore more than ANY other. It could be the smell of your Grandmother’s hand cream…..your child’s hair…..fresh coffee or flowers.

You can be as lyrical as you like – just tell us what and why by posting your comments at the bottom of this blog post.

The winner will be selected by the Melt team on Monday 10th February and announced on the blog – and you will receive your hamper just in time for Valentines on Friday 14th.

With our warmest best wishes,

From all at Melt

413 responses to “A Candle Is Not Just For Christmas…”

  1. Kevin Friend says:

    I have always loved the smell of honeysuckle & jasmine flowers

  2. Zirca says:

    I love the smell of freshly cut grass & rain water

  3. sheila Atty says:

    I adore the smell of nutmeg; it takes me right back to my mother’s wonderful rice puddings with that nutmeg and buttery topping. Mmmmmm

  4. Michael Cain says:

    Definitely has to be the smell of freshly ground coffee for me!

  5. Tracey Ashton says:

    For me, it has to be the smell of my freshly bathed toddler granddaughter – the mix of baby powder and freshly laundered pj’s is wonderful – granny heaven!!!

  6. Eva Booksover says:

    When me and my sister were kids we adored the perfume our auntie was wearing – Magie Noir. She travelled a lot but we always knew when she returned from her journeys as the whole house smelled of “her”, of the perfume. Even now, more than 25 years later, whenever a lady wearing the same perfume passes by I remember the happiness and excitement I felt as a child.

  7. Laura Lee says:

    Its got to be he smell of wood…….
    My grandad was a joiner, when i was little he used to take me out in his van with him to look at jobs.
    Whenever he came to my house he always smelt of new wood.
    Sadly my gradad passed away 4 years ago…… but whenever i smell anything woody, its reminds me of my grandad 🙂

  8. Melt says:

    Perfect combination Kevin; we use these a lot in our fragrances. Thanks for taking part…

  9. Melt says:

    Thanks for joining in Zirca…your favourite fragrances were the inspiration behind our Eden fragrance.

  10. Melt says:

    Thanks for joining the fun Sheila…..we use this in our Nutmeg & Vetiver fragrance; it is a personal favourite of our M.D….

  11. michelle says:

    My favourite smell is baby powder…reminds me of giving my babies sleepy cuddles after a bath 🙂

  12. Melt says:

    ahhhh….but which kind of coffee? There’s so many!……thanks for taking part Michael….

  13. Melt says:

    thanks for joining the fun Tracey…think your choice will very popular! you can’t really beat it & sadly for us it’s REALLY hard to recreate. A bit of magic…

  14. Melt says:

    Ahhh….Lancomes stunning fragrance from 1978. it’s wonderful how fragrance can recreate such happy memories! Thanks for taking part

  15. Melt says:

    What a lovely way to remember him Laura. The power of fragrance hey! Thank you…

  16. Lesley Rawlinson says:

    The smell when you puff out a candle. I have been a candle lover since we bought our first home in 1990 and have always had a house full of candles. Friends used to think it strange, not so strange now though eh!

  17. Melt says:

    Yes yes yes! One of the very best! Thanks Michelle…

  18. Melt says:

    Nothing strange there Lesley…we have the same reaction to a blown out match. Your home must smell wonderful! thank you

  19. Sharon Mcleod says:

    Fresh ,salty, sea air. I live at the beach and if I’ve been away on a trip or holiday , I know that once I smell the sea, I am home…..

  20. Melt says:

    The guys here are saying “Yes Definitely”! Thanks Sharon..it’s good to know what home smells like…

  21. Michael Cain says:

    Yes you are right, I’d have to go for a lovely strong Java I think!

  22. Katy Hope says:

    The smell of my husband; his skin, his hair, his body; his spirit. Sadly my beautiful man was taken from us last August and I desperately hope that my olefactory memory remains intact….think tuberose,
    neroli, musk, jasmine, vetiver…………..think love, comfort, safety and intimacy…..the smell of my man

  23. Sheila Sadler says:

    Personally I just love the smell of vanilla and musk, but I also love the smell of a new leather jacket who hasn’t berried their heads and breathed in that smell.

  24. Jenny May says:

    A Sunday afternoon: the smell of your skin when you’ve returned from a long, freezing wintry walk, then open the door to be greeted by wafts of roast chicken, sprouts and a faint ashy scent from the blazing hearth. Yum.

  25. Julie H says:

    The smell of Max Factor face powder reminds me of my Nan. She died 10 years ago from complications of Alzheimer’s and I recently bought some without realising it was hers. One sniff at the stand in Boots had me in tears of sadness and joy at the same time (had a few funny looks!) Smell is such an important sense for me with the memories it can invoke.

  26. Olivia Pennington says:

    The smell of fresh rain after a hot day. There is just something about that break in the weather when the rain brings out a new set of smells that we’re hidden before the deluge.

  27. Helen Walker says:

    The earthy and new smell of my puppy Lola-not ever captured or bottled……but almost breathable.The smell of her newness before she entered the big wild world and came bounding in full of joy, covered in mud or sand or salt from her new discoveries .

  28. Vicki says:

    My favourite smell is the mixture of vanilla essence, butter and lemon zest that used to waft around the house when my Grandma was baking. It brings back memories of spending afternoons making pastry together when I was little. These are both happy and sad, as those times were so precious and I miss her so much now she is no longer with us.

  29. sharon says:

    The smell of an opened box of rich expensive chocolates…. that smell of rich cocoa mixed with orange or caramel!……oooh!…. having been on a diet for some months it creates a highly desirable and hedonistic experience for me!

  30. carla says:

    I love geranium scent because it reminds me of my mum. Every Spring for as long as I can remember, my mum planted bright red geraniums in front of our house. She wasn’t what you would call an avid gardener, but she was loyal to her geranium planting tradition. She still lives in the same house where I grew up, several thousand miles away from where I live now. She still plants bright red geraniums. When I visit annually, I still see and smell the geraniums she planted, and they bring back all the lovely childhood memories I have of my home.

  31. Ann says:

    The scent of peat fires:-

    a sweet, aromatic
    welcoming smell that sits in layers of the
    mists around the village outside the houses with warming fires.

    a warm and embracing smell as you sit by the fire giving out
    scents of heather, lavender and gorse.

    And finally a reassuring, grounding, smell of earth , grasses and woods that comes
    from the freshly dug peat sitting in the basket beside the fireside.

  32. Sharon Howells says:

    Lily of the valley. My mother loved it and had some of these lovely lttle flowers in her garden. When she died and we sold her house, I took some from her garden and planted in them in mine. They should be coming up very soon now….

  33. Suzanne Heath says:

    OK, so this will seem a little strange, but my favourite smell in the world, is that of a horse when you bury your nose into it’s neck! It just evokes so many happy memories of long sunny days outside, laughing and galloping through fields. Every time I smell a horse it makes me smile!!

  34. Isobel Finbow says:

    Gosh there are some amazing posts and people are so poetic and clever with words. Mine really are quite simple. I am not quite sure how you encapsulate them all. I really did not realise until recently how my sense of smell is really fundamental to my very existence. The smell of a new puppy is just delicious and very hard to define. The smell of fresh air whether you are out in it yourself. (My favourite is the smell of the pine trees in the forest mixed with the sea air when I walk with the family and Connie our dog on Holkham beach in North Norfolk,) The other is when the children and my husband come in from playing sport on a Sunday and I am home cooking the roast and the smell of fresh air on them is just heavenly.There are so many but the final one is when you have a gorgeous sunny day and you put the bed linen on the washing line. You bring it in and bury your head in the bedding to smell the most gorgeous smell of fresh air and it is a double wammy as when you get into bed that night and you feel like you lying under a cloud and that smell is still there. Sweet dreams

  35. Sarah Greenwood says:

    The unexpected scent of the first hyacinths that have discretely pushed their way
    through the icy ground to remind us that Winter will one day be over and
    Spring, with all the joys it brings, is on its way. That first wiff gives me
    butterflies, and forces an uncontrollable “ooh” from my lips, leaving me to
    smile for the rest of the day.

  36. Jane Willis says:

    I love the smell of old books. I don’t think I’ll ever move completely over to electronic books because I’d miss the smell. I reckon I can even recognise some of my old favourites just by their smell!

  37. I like the smell of almonds because they remind me of cherry bakewells! – Yummy

  38. Anthony Webster says:

    I love the smell of cinnamon and of any food product in fact makes a house a home.

  39. Stacy Sorrell says:

    johnsons and johnsons shampoo on my little girl, i love smelling her hair when she has fell asleep on me

  40. Slinky says:

    I love the smell of my boyfriend’s neck, I could lose myself in that scent 🙂

  41. Melt says:

    Hi there Katy,We have never read a more beautiful description of love, & your words have stilled the office.Our sense of smell is so powerful & we hope that these lovely fragrances will always remind you of happy times, love, comfort & safety. with love meltx

  42. Catherine Thorp says:

    I love the smell of freshly mown grass – it makes me feel really glad to be alive!

  43. Melt says:

    Thanks Sheila! Your comments got some nods from the office…they agree!

  44. justine sturtivant says:

    Labradors……the best (just bathed, blow-dried and asleep on your knee) and the worst (let’s not go there..) smells, all rolled into one lovely daft package.

  45. Melt says:

    We can smell it from here Jenny, invite please? many thanks…p.s. the boss say’s “get a bottle of Savennieres to go with your roast and sprouts” Perfect.

  46. Melt says:

    ahhh Julie, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Fragrance can turn your day around – or stand it on its head. thank you!

  47. Melt says:

    Thanks Olivia! It would appear you are not on your own with this one!

  48. Geoff Wainwright says:

    the smell of honeysuckle on a warm sultry summers night when its time to wind down and relax

  49. linda says:

    every year when I smell freshly cut fields of grass for
    silage with the rumble of tractors drawing the grass to farmyards reminds me of
    my childhood when the farm was hyper busy, and the was always extra ‘craic;
    from all the contractors about. Happy Days. .

  50. linda says:

    heady jasmine smell when walking the paths home on a moon-light night in rural Nepal with the towering Himalayan mountain range providing the backdrop – evocative memories.

  51. Peter Davidson says:

    Vanilla – so fresh

  52. DinkyPrincessa says:

    Definitely fresh baked vanilla cookies – amazing

  53. Geraldine O'Gorman says:

    I love the smell of freesias! So sweet and floral and uplifiting. Remind me of my mother as it was her favourite flower.

  54. GW1978 says:

    I love the smell of frankincense & myrrh. I know Christmas is over but I would be happy smelling the combo all year!

  55. Lesley Scott says:

    I love the smell of parma violets! Theres no other smell like it and it takes me back to childhood. Amazing smell!

  56. Laura Ridge says:

    Fresh bedding thats dried on the line in the garden – that crisp clean smell makes me bury my face in the sheets before I have even unpegged them. The rule in our house is that on bed change day I always get in first!

  57. Patricia Avery says:

    Vanilla and coconut are two of my favourite scents 🙂

  58. Paul Witney says:

    Freshly cut grass

  59. G13NN H says:

    Vanilla, love it!

  60. Karen Painter says:

    Fresh cut scented roses, my grandad used to cut me a big bunch for my July birthday every year and I’ve loved them ever since.

  61. jenniwren12 says:

    I adore the smell of vanilla, its fresh and sweet.

  62. Michaela Turner says:

    The smell of my newborn baby, nothing beats it!

  63. FawcettSA says:

    I love the smell of Sweet Peas, they remind me of summer, we grow them every year, just love that the more you cut them the more they seem to grow, the house smells gorgeous all summer <3

  64. Justine Meyer says:

    I love coconut smell

  65. sandra henderson says:

    I love the smell of my first coffee of the morning brewing in my machine.I can instantly feel better just by the smell.

  66. rogart says:

    Musk, it was the only perfume my mother ever wore, brings back sweet and sad memories even now.

  67. Melanie Gardiner says:

    Freshly brewed coffee first thing, you just can’t beat it. It’s the best smell ever

  68. Mary Hutton says:

    Love the smell of freshly baked bread

  69. Joanne Baldwin says:

    A freshly peeled satsuma – I find it so clean and refreshing, really uplifting

  70. Carolyn Burton-Baddeley says:

    It has to be baby talcum paper. Very evocative and brings back so many good memories …… Oh and chocolate is a close second….. I don’t think I have to explain why !!!

  71. I love the smell of vanilla

  72. Tracey Scott says:


  73. Wendy Brown says:

    my fav smell is the smell of my cat’s head. it’s just warm and musky, and the fact that you need to press your face against her fur/skin to smell is just a bonus. best cat in the world!
    Alternatively, if i have friends coming over, i try not to burn food, and i’ll light a few cinnamon flavour candles. the cinnamon can usually help gloss over the poorly delivered meal i usually make for friends.

  74. Faridah Brooker says:

    I loved the smell of my son when he was a baby and had just had a bath. Such a lovely smell – baby bubble bath and lotion and ‘him’. I can recall it now even though he’s now nearly 10.

  75. Samantha Trimby says:

    Freshly cut wood!

  76. anthony harrington says:

    coconut – it always reminds me of tropical islands in the sunshine, it never fails to lift my mood.

  77. robinson131 says:

    I love the smell of cinammon

  78. Sam Schofield says:

    I love vanilla it pleases my nose
    I also love cinnamon everyone knows
    I love candles no matter what time of year
    Thank you for the chance to win here’s a loud CHEER O/

  79. Kayleigh Beirne says:

    I love the smell of Men’s Joop,
    As my husband has always worn it,
    As teenagers it made my heart do the loop de loop,
    Whilst my tummy butterflies had a fit.

  80. Tina Vincent says:

    the scent of my dog (after a bath),
    the scent of a cake baking on Sunday afternoon,
    the scent of roses on a Summer day.

  81. Caroline H says:

    I love any clean, fresh scents but my favourite is basil and lime together.

  82. Kerry v says:

    A clean house!

  83. olly1 says:


  84. Sarah radford says:

    The smell of my cat Woody when he’s been outside.. like cotton wool mixed with fresh air and rain. Other than that.. I love patchouli.. and ananya from The Body Shop when I was 15.

  85. Maria Taylor says:

    lavender – because it reminds me of the lavender bushes my grandma had in her garden when i was little – and to me my grandma was the most perfect in the world

  86. Jacqueline Cook says:

    Fresh laundry….I just love when I put on clean clothes and I can smell soap powder

  87. Louise Middleton says:

    I love the smell of freesias. They were my Mother’s favourite flowers (for their scent) and every time I smell them I think of her.
    I also love the smell of Violets, as that’s the scent l remember at my Grandma’s house when I was a child.

  88. Tiffanni Garner says:

    English roses – my grandmother had a forest of them on the path up to her house, and they seemed to bloom several times a year. I’d bring them into the house and their fragrance would light up the room! My mum also used to rub rose oil on my chest when I couldn’t sleep as a kid. Since then, I’ve been obsessed – all my perfume smells of rose!

  89. Fabienne says:

    I like Lilac: I find myself sniffing around the garden when its short season is on. One can’t bring it inside the house because its branches die off very quickly. Would be nice to enjoy it via one of Melt sophisticated and refined candles or reed diffusers.
    This think-tank competition is a great idea.

  90. Alana Walker says:

    I love the smell of orange blossom. I used to live in Spain and the smell of the orange blossom trees in Spring, Summer and Autumn was so heady and evocative. I miss it 🙁 xx

  91. Pam says:

    My favourite fragrance has to be the smell of the Hawthorn flowers that adorn the edges of the paths and fields. They seem to explode into flower at the beginning of May, and I actually divert my attempts at jogging to run past them and inhale deeply! It tells me that summer is in the way.

  92. Pamela Montana says:

    Jasmine is the first fragrance I wlll always keep close to my heart.
    My late husband gave me bottle Chanel no 5.
    So it’s always makes me feel good to be alive.
    Angel melt has Jasmine and that’s lites up all rooms
    In my house.

  93. Melt says:

    Ahhh Helen, you’ve made us allll smile now. Every one at melt is a dog owner…and unsurprisingly we all agree!

  94. Louise Comb says:

    Of all the scents I’ve ever sensed
    From each and every vendor
    The best of all, as I recall,
    Is peaceful, sweet Lavender

  95. Melt says:

    We wonder if fragrance is more powerful when we are younger? So many of us remember what our youth smelt like; particularly if it is comforting and safe.

  96. Kate Aspinall McGlynn says:

    freshly baked bread

  97. jillwebb says:

    Just love the smell of roses

  98. Helen Allan says:


  99. Rebecca Taylor says:


  100. DanielleGraves says:


  101. Flo Foxes says:

    I can never get enough of the scent when my child is sleeping snuggled into my arm , she is 13 now and to this day I sink my nose into her skin when she is fast asleep and count my blessings 🙂

  102. Julie Guy says:

    Love the smell of Chanel No. 5.

  103. Melt says:

    Hi there Carla, many thanks for your response, we use a lot of geranium in our fragrances so it is one of our favourites too.

  104. Melt says:

    thanks for this Ann! We’re on our way home to light the fires….

  105. Melt says:

    Beautiful, brave and bold little flowers – with the most amazing fragrance. Thanks Sharon.

  106. Sassie Clarke says:

    Rose and Lavender – as a child I used to spend ages picking heads off and carefully mashing them with water to make my own scents. Wasn’t too popular with my mum though when she noticed her best blooms had disappeared.

  107. Melt says:

    No no no Suzanne! Not at all strange – that is where our Saddle fragrance came from, horse and saddle leather! Sublime!

  108. Melt says:

    We couldn’t agree more that some of the best fragrances are the most simple – and usually connected to those things that remind us of happy, close, comforting times. Thanks so much for your lovely comments….

  109. Melt says:

    Hi there Sarah….thanks so much for your comments. We have a pot in the office right now….very beautiful.

  110. Melt says:

    Hi there Jane….now that! ….is a very good trick indeed. There is nothing quite like the smell of an old book is there? Thanks for taking part.

  111. Melt says:

    mmmm almond oil….we like!

  112. Melt says:

    Yum Yum Yum……we love cinnamon!

  113. Melt says:

    No better fragrance than this Stacy……lovely!

  114. Melt says:

    Thank you! We are now VERY curious as to what it smells like:)

  115. Melt says:

    Lovely….just lovely. One of the very best fragrances – and the reason we created our Eden fragrance.

  116. Melt says:

    Ha! “Eau de Lab”….we like that idea! thanks so much Justine…

  117. Melt says:

    Such a gorgeous fragrance Geoff….especially mkixed with night scented stock and sweet pea. Let’s hope we get another fab summer to enjoy this year

  118. Melt says:

    no smell like it Linda is there…thanks for your lovely comments!

  119. Melt says:

    Sounds breathtaking Linda. Thank you…

  120. Melt says:

    Up there at the top of the list for most people! Thanks Peter…

  121. Melt says:

    Vanilla….seems to be everyone’s favourite. Many thanks…

  122. Melt says:

    Hi there Geraldine, Freesia is just beautiful….sort of very pretty and innocent somehow…

  123. Melt says:

    Gorgeous…Czecke & Speake do a wonderful Frankincense fragrance which you might like, it is made as an aftershave, but no-one seems to take any notice and it is worn by both men and women.

  124. Melt says:

    Hi there Lesley…you’re right – there is no smell like it. Pretty and powdery and soft!

  125. Melt says:

    What a VERY good rule Laura! …and lovely fragrance we agree.Thank you!

  126. Melt says:

    Hi there Patricia…we bet they smell great together too! Many thanks…

  127. Becky Elford says:

    I love the smell of freshly cut wood and tea tree oil, the smell of nature. Strange combination but never mind 🙂

  128. Melt says:

    Always! One of the best scents and the reason we created our Eden fragrance…..

  129. Melt says:

    you are not on your own! Many thanks…..

  130. Melt says:

    How lovely – the best gift! many thanks Karen…

  131. Melt says:

    We think the world loves Vanilla….it is lovely!

  132. Melt says:

    You’re right…nothing can compare Michaela! Many thanks…

  133. Melt says:

    We adore Sweet Pea and use it in our Neroli & Rose Geranium frgrance. Gorgeous. Many thanks…

  134. Melt says:

    Sweet and fresh….mmmm lovely! Many thanks…

  135. Melt says:

    Perfectly perky! Thanks Sandra…

  136. Melt says:

    Another scent completely on its own…..very soft and comforting. Many thanks…

  137. Melt says:

    makes you realise you’re alive….say’s our head of despatch!

  138. Melt says:

    Yes!Yes!Yes!…we totally agree….

  139. Melt says:

    it is! very Zesty and sweet….thanks so much!

  140. Melt says:

    No explanation needed Carolyn….we all agree…!

  141. Melt says:

    One on its own! Lovely….

  142. Melt says:

    a firm favourite…many thanks Tracey…

  143. Melt says:

    Really made us smile Wendy….and we bet the friends don’t stop coming! Our MD sniffs her Jack Russell ALL the time!!

  144. Melt says:

    No better fragrance Faridah….many thanks

  145. Melt says:

    Yes! Definitely…..thanks Samantha

  146. Melt says:

    Thanks Anthony!…that must be why they add it to Sun Cream we guess. Even if you are in Bognor it will remind you of sunny climes!

  147. Melt says:

    lovely….we use it a lot in our winter fragrances. thanksyou!

  148. Melt says:

    A Ditty! We like that….thanks so much Sam!

  149. Melt says:

    Thanks Kayleigh….Joop is such a classic!

  150. Melt says:

    Three of the best Tina….many thanks!

  151. anthony harrington says:

    absolutely, we always have lots of coconutty shower gels and body cremes so the bathroom may be -6 and freezing cold, resulting in an olympic worthy race to get out of the shower and into a towel, but it smells like the tropics!

  152. Eleanor Beavan says:

    The smell of roast lamb cooking, not only does it bring back lovely family memories but it reminds me of what lovely people I have around me now.

  153. Max Amos says:

    It has to be apple pie with cinnamon cooking in the oven

  154. Louise Smith says:

    Nivea Suntan Lotion, it always reminds me of happy sunny days

  155. FawcettSA says:

    Oh wow, I’ve just read the description of the Neroli & Rose Geranium candle and it sounds absolutely gorgeous – this will definitely be my next purchase, thanks for pointing that out <3 x

  156. Tina Lighten Duncan says:

    I love the smell of metal when it’s being welded, from a young age I hung around my dad at his factory ( he was a welder) and later worked with him, he had to give up work a few years back due to health, but that smell always reminds me of our fun days working together and brings comfort to me 🙂

  157. Suzanne Heath says:

    Ohh wow, saddle fragrance – sounds perfect,

  158. debbie creasey says:

    Coconut as it reminds me of exotic holidays in warm far away places.

  159. Melt says:

    lovely Caroline…Have you tried Jo Malones Lime, Basil & Mandarin? Stunning…

  160. Melt says:

    oohhh yessss! It feels/smells so good!

  161. Melt says:


  162. Melt says:

    Wish we could bottle that! Thanks sarah…

  163. Melt says:

    Never truly appreciated Lavender until we started working with it…now we adore it! Thanks Maria…

  164. Melt says:

    The ultimate luxury! perfect!…

  165. Melt says:

    There is something really innocent about the smell of Freesia. just very sweet and pure….we love it. Thanks Louise….

  166. Melt says:

    Nature gets it so right doesn’t she…..we love Rose too and use it in most of our fragrances one way or another. Thanks Tiffanni…

  167. Melt says:

    Thanks Fabienne…we’ve had some fab responses and it is definitely making us think this end! Simple but beautiful garden fragrances….lovely!

  168. Melt says:

    It’s stunning Alana – we use it in our Neroli & Rose Geranium fragrance…and it is just beautiful. You can’t beat the real thing though can you?

  169. Melt says:

    Oh it is so gorgeous Pam isn’t it? Sharp and sweet all at the same time…
    many thanks…

  170. Melt says:

    we’ve just made some Jasmine candles for a wedding in Greece…..very lovely fragrance!

  171. Melt says:

    Thanks Louise……we adore Lavender here at melt.

  172. Melt says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! …we most definitely agree…

  173. Melt says:

    So do we …although nature does it best we think!

  174. Melt says:

    Heady, warm and very enveloping. We love it too….

  175. Melt says:

    Holidays!! thanks Rebecca….

  176. Melt says:

    Holidays? thanks Danielle…

  177. Melt says:

    Don’t think you could better that Flo….many thanks .

  178. Melt says:

    One of the very best Julie……. many thanks.

  179. Melt says:

    Ha! That brings back great memories for us too Sassie. Many thanks…

  180. Caroline H says:

    Yes! The French Lime Blossom is just wonderful too.

  181. DanielleGraves says:

    oops sorry, I love the sweetness of it, always makes me feel summery

  182. Melt says:

    We don’t think it is THAT strange….you should smell some of our combo’s!! Thanks Becky

  183. Melt says:

    Yep def a holiday, summery scent. lovely

  184. Melt says:

    Ahhhhh…nice comment Eleanor, that Sunday Roast, family combination is just lovely isn’t it? Many thanks….

  185. Melt says:

    Heaven…….particularly with the Cinnamon! Many thanks Max

  186. Melt says:

    Yep! Warmth on bones….a good book….and a lazy day! Perfect….thanks Louise…

  187. Melt says:

    It’s amazing how fragrance works isn’t it? Those wonderful memories all brought back at one whiff! Thanks Tina…

  188. Melt says:

    Which is exactly what we could do with right now! Lovely…thanks Debbie…

  189. Louisa Rotheisen says:

    Yummy herbs… Rosemary, basil, lemon thyme and mint…. Each smell brings a whiff of nostalgia. From large family meals to minty mohito parties with friends 🙂 would love to see a series of herbal delights.. North Wales Loves Melt!

  190. Kaz says:

    The Smell of an Autumn Night !!
    That Cold and Smokey air…
    Who wants to cuddle up tight, with a candle alight..
    and relax without any care ?

  191. Hil says:

    It has to be bluebells – just walking through bluebell woods in the Lake District with that unmistakable subtle fragrance lingering in the air signifies the start of summer for me… and such a visual delight too.

  192. Hil says:

    It has to be bluebells – just walking through bluebell woods in the Lake District with that unmistakable beautifully subtle fragrance lingering in the air signifies the start of summer for me… and such a visual delight too.

  193. Hil says:

    It has to be bluebells – just walking through bluebell woods in the Lake District with that unmistakable beautifully subtle fragrance lingering in the air signifies the start of summer for me… and such a visual delight too.

  194. Sam Schofield says:


  195. suzie1998 says:

    Apple hair shampoo has become the smell of hugs, lovely. My daughter insists on it and whenever she gives me a hug the smell is all around her.

  196. Melt says:

    And we LOVE North Wales! Gorgeous part of the world….many thanks for your lovely comments!

  197. Melt says:

    YAYYYY hey hey! Perfect…thank you…

  198. Melt says:

    Hi there Hil, we are in the Lakes as we type….the snowdrops are just coming through! Beautiful. Many thanks…

  199. Melt says:

    How lovely! We wonder what other peoples hugs smell like? Thank you!

  200. The smell of freshly baked bread

  201. Faye Huntington says:

    Roasted chestnuts
    And newly cut wood
    Oh and warm chicken soup
    is a great smelling food

    Toasted marshmallows
    fresh grass in the summer
    And tiny cheese sandwiches
    Filled with cucumber

    But huge toffee puddings
    And a hot chocolate drink
    Is the best smell of them all
    For Valentine’s Day, I think!

    With love, Faye 🙂 xxxx

  202. Debbie Burfoot says:

    The smell of baked cookie dough

  203. Kaz says:

    Set yourself free on a blustery stroll upon a sandy beach
    let the wind whip your hair but your senses beware
    of the stimulating smell of the salty sea air.
    If the beach is remote then imagination permitting..
    Melt may have a candle equally bewitching !

  204. Cher Waite says:

    The smell of my mum’s home-made coconut cake is an instant soother for the soul!

  205. Kirstin says:

    I love the smell of my cat ‘Tom’ when he’s been out frolicking goodness
    knows where. He comes back smelling of grass, fresh air, earth (muddy
    paws) and soft warm fur (whatever that smells of!).

  206. Jodie says:

    Gucci by gucci perfume, it makes me feel amazing, I sniff myself all day lol x

  207. Melt says:

    Gosh yes! It hits every spot doesn’t it? Many thanks…

  208. Melt says:

    That is a fabulous effort Faye……thanks so much and good luck!

  209. Melt says:

    Up there with bread! Lovely…thank you!

  210. Melt says:

    We will HAVE to work on this one! Lovely entry Kaz…thank you!

  211. Melt says:

    Sounds just about perfect Cher…..if there’s any left please send it our way;0) meltx

  212. Melt says:

    We didn’t realise that there is such a robust “cat sniffing society” out there….but from our replies there are obviously more of you than we think! We’ve tried with Tullullah….but she just smells of candles!! Meltx

  213. Melt says:

    That is the BEST reason we know for wearing the perfume you love! Thank you!

  214. Donna says:

    Hyacinths, I know spring is on the way, and it makes the house smell gorgeous

  215. Naomi Headland says:

    The top of my new puppy’s head smells inexplicably like malted milk biscuits and is very comforting! I also don’t think you can beat the classics… Freshly cut grass on a summer’s day with the sound of lawnmowers, birds, and rounders bats meeting balls in the park, a haze in the air and days that seemed to last forever! Summer rain on hot tarmac is perfection; and the smell of petrol on forecourts is a definite ‘love it or hate it’ but smells to me like long drives on the way to bucket and spade holidays. Equally impossible to forget is the smell of hot, fresh battered fish and chips cut through with vinegar, all the better if the air has a tang of salt from the sea. The simple ones are the best. I think I must be suffering January blues, all of these seem to be piqued by summer nostalgia!

  216. GW1978 says:

    Thanks for the info, I’ll go and have a look 🙂

  217. John Tooth says:

    It has to be Bacon cooking on a sunday morning when im out walking the dog, as soon as i get home i have bacon butties 🙂

  218. Ruth Wollerton says:

    I love the fresh smell of apples, cinnamon and grapefruit – those zesty fragrances that envigorate and enliven

  219. peter redpath says:

    its got to be fresh cotton it smells so clean

  220. Yolanda Davis says:

    freshly baked bread or cakes, but when i was young it was muddy potatoes. when my mum was doing the weekly shop in tesco i would stand and wait for her by the potatoes; smelling them!! strange i knlow

  221. Melt says:

    Perfect! There is a bowl in the office (actually they were a present for our MD who has just turned fifty…we’re gonna be in BIG trouble for letting that one out of the bag!) and they are just gorgeous….if a little bendy!!

  222. Melt says:

    ahhhh Naomi…we read your comments out at (our communal) lunchtime today and all we heard was “Yes! Definitely!…Me too! ” & so it went on! Thanks for reminding us of some of the things we love most…

  223. Melt says:

    Hi John….your comments got lots of nods from us! Shame we can’t think of a collective word for “Sunday morning bacon butties after a long walk with the dogs” activity. kind of “Dogbac” …only better. Over to you ;0)

  224. Melt says:

    Always great fragrances Ruth….guess you can’t beat nature really, she does it best! Thank you!

  225. Melt says:

    Perfect! and SO hard to reproduce properly …thank you!

  226. Melt says:

    Ha! not so strange….Our MD LOVES the smell of soil…( obsessively so …) she’ll like your choice. thank you!

  227. Helen S says:

    Lavender – when I was young, my grandma and me made these, we picked the lavender from the garden and sewed up pretty bags; the smell of lavender always reminds me of my lovely grandma.

  228. Solange says:

    I love petrol fumes from a car

  229. Stephanie Whitehouse, says:

    I find the smell of a lawn freshly mowed with a motor mower completely relaxing and so nostalgic. It takes me back to happy family holidays spent on the river. We’s pass beautifully maintained gardens with lawns running down to the river. I swear the weather was better when I was a child – the sunlight was always the re to bring out the scent of the grass and add the sparkles to the river.

  230. ellie_meehan says:

    I love bergamot, it’s citrusy & then some!
    Such a sunny, summery smell…………perfect for these dark winter days & long nights

    Also anything containing vetiver, I find it’s grounding & comforting


  231. holly100 says:

    I love Francincence – first year I have had one – was amazingly beautiful scent

  232. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    My favourite aroma, Tis Hard to select
    Freshly mown grass is rather perfect
    But Roasted Chestnuts just top the scale
    Accosting my senses every time without fail

  233. M. Anne says:

    I love the smell of sweet peas. But my favourite smell would have to be the smell of freesias because when I was a bridesmaid for my aunt (several decades ago) my bouquet was made from gorgeous yellow freesias with the most beautiful fragrance I have ever smelt. The smell of freesias remain my favourite to this day.

  234. Victoria Thurgood says:

    I love there smell of fresh cut grass it reminds me of walking to school as child.

  235. Kay Bromhead says:

    Good Morning , on this wet and Blustery January day!!

    Leela’s Exeter is my stockist, with the lovely Annie as the custodian of
    your Candles, until they go to their new homes… mine being one!
    Favourite smells.. A toughie!!
    The smell of my hens feathers in the sunshine scores quite highly,
    Lavender scores a bit higher though, on a warm summer day.
    But.. The sweetest smell of all is Fresh baked bread.. We make our own ,
    and the scent of the proving dough is a promise of the smell to follow..
    With all good wishes,


  236. claire hooper says:

    The smell of summer mornings when the dew is on the grass, its not long to go!!!!

  237. Melt says:

    Hi there helen,

    many thanks for your lovely comments…Lavender is just perfect isn’t it? and it smells better the more sun it has…lovely.

  238. Melt says:

    Hi Solange…That has divided the camp here at melt. There are those who just LOVE it and there are those….

  239. Melt says:

    Ahhh Stephanie, your comments made us all go ” Ohhhhh yes!” It is the perfect smell of nature…and the the weather was definitely better when we were younger; longer , hotter summer days ( with the tinkle of the ice cream van ) and colder frostier winters with more snow. Perfect…

  240. Melt says:

    Hi there Ellie…we love both of those and use then a lot with our products. and we LOVE your description of Bergamot! Thank you!

  241. Melt says:

    Beautiful isn’t it Holly? Such a unique fragrance…

  242. Melt says:

    That is way to creative Sarah- Jane,…thanks so much:)

  243. Melt says:

    Hi there…thanks for your lovely comments. We love Freesia too very sweet and innocent and like no other fragrance. Lovely!

  244. Melt says:

    Mother nature does it best…( with the help of a lawn mower!) This seems to be a firm favourite with many of us…thank you!

  245. Melt says:

    Good Morning to you Kay! Thanks for your lovely entry…we are just chasing our hens round the yard to see if we can find a patch of sunshine to sit them in. You’re entry really made us smile…in the nicest kind of way! Thank you

  246. Melt says:

    Yayyyy…let’s hope it is as lovely as last year! we LOVE that smell – it has so much promise in it. Thanks Claire…

  247. Kay Bromhead says:

    I have to ask this… Is there a fragrance that will cover the pungent smell of wet dog?

  248. Caroline says:

    Bitumen, hops in the air and brylcreem! Though not aromas many would like or enjoy, they provoke memories of safety, warmth and unconditional love…my granddad. The biggest cuddle was always just around the corner and when I smell any of these, I immediately think of him. However, I don’t think that even Melt with all their magic could make this into a popular candle scent!!

  249. Nicky Noodle Lewis says:

    I love the smell of freesias. They were my grandma’s favourite flower and my mum always had them in the house – happy childhood memories 🙂

  250. Sheila Bound says:

    The smell of roses gives me a warm happy feeling not sure why but I do have a vague memory of visiting a great aunt and there being roses around the cottage door. I suppose living in a flat in London it has left a deep memory . Sadly I can’t remember my great aunt only her roses.

  251. Melt says:

    We can’t believe you asked that Kay! That is why melt started. Our MD had a shared love of fragrance, candles and very large dogs ( 2 of them to be precise)! Noir was her first fragrance…and combats wet dog nicely….

  252. Danielle Garvin says:

    Tobacco because my Granda always smoked it in his pipe and it reminds me of him.

  253. janet lee says:

    The smell of Carnations ..during the fifties when I was at School, once a year we had packs of perfumed cards to sell for charity, money being short plus 3 other siblings bringing the same cards home meant only one being sold and mine was always the one with Carnation perfume…oh those happy memories

  254. Melt says:

    an obvious favourite for many of us…very pure and innocent. Just lovely. Thanks Nicky

  255. Melt says:

    That’s a lovely memory sheila…many thanks.

  256. Melt says:

    Pipe tobacco is just gorgeous – and yet the jury is out in the office on Cigar smoke…not so good! Thanks Danielle – nice memories!

  257. Melt says:

    carnation – we LOVE it & we’re working on a Carnation fragrance at the moment. Thanks so much Janet, Lovely memory.

  258. Melt says:

    That would be a tough call Caroline…but we definitely understand what you mean; a proper “Grandad smell” – & very special.

  259. Sue Obrien says:

    The smell of roses is always wonderful. It has to be a pure rose smell and not a synthetic rose smell which is not the same at all! It is an uncomplicated scent but I love it!

  260. Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby says:

    I have so many favourite scents, all with different meanings
    All the way back from my childhood, that stir up age old feelings.
    Like new cut grass on the walk to school, or tobacco on my dad,
    the newborn scent of baby skin, the best feelings I ever had.
    Tinsel from the Christmas tree, brings happiness and aches,
    The rubbery scent of a burst red balloon, and I taste birthday cake!
    But now there is one perfect smell, that truly lingers the strongest,
    it now gives me the happiest glow, which I hope lasts the longest.
    My husband bought me a perfume, that truly delights the nose,
    he sprayed me with some seconds before he knelt down to propose!
    We were at The Lake of Love, and he bought me this perfume,
    he said that if I wore it, I’d stand out in any room!
    He said he’d wanted me to wear the scent, so I’d always remember,
    the very day that he proposed to me (the 19th of September!)
    He wanted a scent that would take us back, to this truly amazing day
    the birds were singing just for us,, well, it kind of seemed that way!
    The day we became engaged I remember when I spray,
    the happiest day in my whole life, that feeling never goes away!
    The Perfume is called Angel, husband says its sweet like me 🙂
    I love him so very much for this cherished gift of memories.
    A scent can say a thousand words, can sing a thousand songs,
    a scent can hold so many things, so many right and wrongs!
    So now I have my engagement day, kept safely in a spray,
    a tantalising sweet and sultry smell, of a perfect engagement day.

  261. Heather Reading says:

    I love sherbet type smells, a light fragrance that’s not overpowering, a bit like clean washing.

  262. Farhad Chikhalia says:

    The smell of rosemary. It always reminds me of eating roast dinners surrounded friends 🙂

  263. Lois Lupin says:

    I know it’s bizzare but Play Doh I Forgot aIl about it until I bought my toddler some.

  264. Joanne Evans says:

    I just love the smell of spiced apples and mulled wine, even if it’s not Christmas, they’re just so yummy and the smell of wallflowers in spring.

  265. Sara Oliver says:

    Living right on the coast, my favourite smell has to be the salty sea breeze quietly whistling over the warm rippled sand.

  266. Elizabeth Yarker says:

    The smell of Parma Violet sweets takes me back every time to holidays as a child spent in Devon, long days spent in the swimming pool then a treat of a pick and mix bag of sweets…parma violets every time x

  267. Kaz says:

    A Smell of a cake that is fresh from the oven,
    Coated with Drizzle of Lemon and Cumin,
    Served with Fresh Coffee from Starbucks no doubt !
    Now this is a smell I could never blot out….
    (sang to the tune of ‘A few of my favourite things’)

  268. danell dearden says:

    so many….tibetan incense means relaxing in the back yard, warm clothes out of the tumble drier means the children’s school uniforms when they were little, red wine and garlic bread means mini celebrations throughout the year and the smell of the dog’s leather collar on her neck and her paws which smell like toast and popcorn mixed together.#Salivating.

  269. kathryn Robinson says:

    My favourite smell is the smell of my Sons clothes every now and then I go to the chest and take them out to smell this is because we lost him to cancer three and a half years ago he was just 18
    Its nit the most exciting smell but to me its the best one ever

  270. Mrs Diane Darby says:

    Wet leaves ,acorns under feet ,smoke in the air from burning leaves .Laughter as my children watch the squirrels and fill their bags with cones .Damp and muddy but happy in the knowledge they are helping create the Christmas decorations and i’m creating memories .Returning home ,waiting for the cones to dry out before turning the kitchen table into our creative haven .My children have all grown up but do exactly the same with their own families .A picture can paint a thousand words but fragrance stimulates the senses from which we feel ,there’s nothing like it …………………..

  271. Mrs Diane Darby says:

    Hello Kathryn ,i said our senses make us feel so i understand you completely ,sending you hugs .
    Diane x

  272. Suzanne Elizabeth Shaw says:

    the smell of Birds custard powder when mixed to a paste with milk ready to heat up is my smell of childhood, my mum, and feeling comforted and loved. Happy memories. Just warm boiling milk is the same memory and satisfying smell of home …Sue Shaw Simonstone

  273. Danielle Vedmore says:

    Freshly laid tarmac! I know its probably unhealthy but I think it smells great! And Estee Lauder Youth Dew perfume reminds me of my mum! x

  274. Melt says:

    Thanks so much Danell…it all comes back to the things we love doesn’t it? Lovely entry..children and dogs are a recurring theme. best wishes meltx

  275. Alana O'Sullivan says:

    Jet fuel. I feel the need… The need for speed.
    Reminds me of holidays and skydiving.

  276. Gillian Madeira says:

    Most definitely the best smell in the world is that of a newborn baby. They have the most unique and amazing scent and it just reminds me of the fact that they are all precious little miracles. I think their smell evokes feelings of love, protection, hope and calm.

  277. flossiecrossie says:

    Cinnamon is such a reassuring & comforting fragrance. It’s warm & inviting.

  278. Jennifer Gillies says:

    The scent of jasmine has always been my favorite. I remember as a teen asking my mother to plant jasmine by the door of our house so that when I came and went I was always met with a hug and a reminder of my dreams of exotic places. I was simultaneously transported in my mind somewhere unknown and yet grounded in the feeling of the known… so jasmine has always meant for me both a coming home and a setting myself free… amazing what a scent can do.

  279. Alison Carr says:

    A memory of my granny Marigold Violet (Vi) two lovely colours in a candle and a fragrance of Violets filling the room would be a new special fragrance .

  280. Natasa says:

    My lovely cat when he’s just nipped in through the cat flap, having been out in the fresh air for hours….
    he smells divine, like smoky embers, freshly dug earth and soft sweet warm wool! I hope he approves if he sneaks a look at the computer while we’re out…

  281. Paula Hayes says:

    Pink roses and freesias. Reminds me of my beautiful Gran who sadly passed away last year. They were her favourite flowers and when I smell their beautiful sweet fragrances, they fill my mind with precious memories and I know then that she is still with me. ❤️❤️

  282. Anne Maria Kearney says:

    Frankincense brings me back to childhood and midnight mass, snuggled up between my mum and dad, it’s warm,embracing, uplifting scent mingling with his tobacco and her cinnamon and flour…..I felt so loved and content and safe. How I miss them! But whenever I smell this beautiful fragrance I pause and smile and hold them in my heart.

  283. Linda Watson says:

    Ginger…..mulled wine….spices..remind me of family Christmas…

  284. Sarah Watts says:

    An old favourite- fresh mown grass. Reminds me of walks with my dog in the summer, lying down in the meadow with the sun warming my face and listening to the birds and other insects while the clouds drift across the sky, dog happily scouting around in the bushes and hedgerow. Looking forward to walks like this again this year.

  285. Ruth Hedges says:

    I adore the smell of Lavendar which reminds me of my Nan’s garden when I was a child, I always found the scent so calming..

  286. Melt says:

    well….WE approve Natasa! That’s one loved cat…many thanks, meltx

  287. Melt says:

    ahhh we do too Sue…and we use it a lot in our fragrances. But as you quite rightly point out …there is rose….and rose!

  288. Melt says:

    Carrie! we have no words….that is just brilliant. Thanks for all the effort…best wishes

  289. Melt says:

    Hi there Heather…thanks so much for your entry. Your comments make us think of cologne…best of luck

  290. Melt says:

    Lovely! All noisy and happy and smiley. Thank you!

  291. Melt says:

    NOTHING smells like play dough….one on its own. Thanks Lois

  292. Melt says:

    Thanks so much Joanne…two of the very best fragrances. kind regards

  293. Melt says:

    You couldn’t live by the sea and not love this could you? One on its own we think. best wishes

  294. Melt says:

    Hi there Elizabeth, Parma Violets – another fragrance completely on its own; we can’t think of anything else that smells like they do. There is a beautiful fragrance from Creed Perfumes called Love in Black that you may want to try. It has Parma Violets written all over it! many thanks, meltx

  295. Melt says:

    Ha! Kaz…we did actually sing it. Made our day, brilliant, thank you! meltx

  296. Melt says:

    Hi Kathryn, we hope and pray that this wonderful fragrance will be with you for ever. with our very best wishes, meltx

  297. Melt says:

    We love your entry Diane…these are the things that motivate us for our products and our fragrance collections. Fragrance can weave magic, memories, moments and comfort. Thank you… meltx

  298. Melt says:

    Ahh Suzanne,we all went yessss! when we read your entry. Think we all grew up the same…. best wishes meltx

  299. Melt says:

    Hi Danielle, just like jeyes fluid! & mums and Youth Dew definitely go together. Thanks for your entry…meltx

  300. Melt says:

    Hi Alana, we’re off to sniff some jet fuel! best wishes…meltx

  301. Melt says:

    All the good things Gillian! The best…many thanks, meltx

  302. Melt says:

    yep! Can’t beat it…we love it too. Best wishes, meltx

  303. Melt says:

    Hi Jennifer, we adore Jasmine and work with it a lot in our fragrances. The plant does it best though…just beautiful. best wishes, meltx

  304. Melt says:

    What a beautiful memory- and a lovely name. Thanks so much for your entry, kind regards

  305. Melt says:

    The power of fragrance Paula! Thanks so much for taking the time to enter, kind regards

  306. Melt says:

    Hi there Anne, It’s just wonderful what fragrance can do. best wishes, meltx

  307. Melt says:

    Hi Linda, sounds just about perfect! Many thanks, meltx

  308. Melt says:

    Let’s hope so Sarah…another summer like last one would be just about perfect!. many thanks, meltx

  309. Melt says:

    Hi there Ruth, we love Lavender too and use it a lot. Nature does it best we think…best wishes, meltx

  310. Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby says:

    Lol thanks so much 🙂 xxx

  311. janesteels says:

    I love the smell of freshly baked bread, but also freshly cut grass is so freshing

  312. Louise Hodgson says:

    This is difficult! Either hyacinth as it reminds me that spring is coming and winter won’t last forever, or zesty lime – so uplifting and fresh.

  313. Elizabeth Gurney says:

    Vanilla makes me feel relaxed, and reminds me of downtime as when I was a child my nana would light a vanilla candle before I would go to sleep x

  314. Melt says:

    Hi Jane, two all time favourites! Thank you…meltx

  315. Melt says:

    We LOVE hyacinth Louise….a real power house of a fragrance for such a pretty plant!

  316. Melt says:

    Hi Elizabeth….smooth and creamy, lovely! Many thanks

  317. Vera Pope says:

    Freshly baked bread reminds me of my childhood, my grandma lived behind a bakery so we opened all windows in the morning 🙂

  318. M. Anne says:

    I adore the smell of freesias. When I was a bridesmaid for my aunt over forty years ago my bouquet was made from gorgeous yellow freesias with the most wonderful smell and I have loved the smell of freesias ever since.

  319. M. Anne says:

    Hi melt, I have just posted a second comment. I don’t know if this is allowed. I’d forgotten about my first comment but they both say basically the same thing anyway. All the best,

  320. Maggie Stubbs says:

    A carpet of bluebells in the dappled shady wood, the color almost like a Summer sky the gentle fragrance
    says Winter has gone and Spring is awakening into Summer, Lily of the Valley remind me of my Gran’s garden where they grew among the London Pride. Such blissful memories………….

  321. Gemma Thomas says:

    I love the smell of Mazipan and palmer violets sweets. Reminds me of my childhood

  322. Melissa B says:

    As far as candles go, I love more unusual scents – pineapple being one of my favourites!
    Oddly, I also LOVE the smell of barbecue smoke. But I doubt that would make a nice candle scent 😉

  323. gfa01 says:

    Vanilla is one of my favourite scents, lemon as well – such a clean smell.

  324. Jane Henshaw says:

    I love all the flowery spring/summer scents and especially like my candles burning in my kitchen

  325. Glynis O'Halloran says:

    I love the scent of fresh clean sheets which have dried outside in the wind.

  326. Ursula Hunt says:

    I love the smell of my pillow – yuk to others i know but very comforting to me

  327. AliThorpe says:

    The scent of warm, drying grass on a hazy summer’s evening! It reminds me of playing out with friends as a child, festivals and waking my dog. Wonderful, happy things!

  328. Michelle Kingsland says:

    i love the smell of fresh baked cookies and cake!!

  329. Paula Phillips says:

    Sweet peas as they smell so lovely.

  330. Nigel Hill says:

    I love the smell of roses,from a candle,specially pink roses.It reminds me of a warm sunny day in the garden.

  331. Stephanie Campbell says:

    vanilla. nothing beats a good vanilla candle

  332. Angela Mitchell says:

    I love the smell of skin that is cold – usually my husband’s -coming in from being outside. He gives me a huge hug and although I complain about how cold he is – I love it really x

  333. Dee says:

    I love pineapple, it’s sweet yet fresh and zingy clean

  334. ♫ Alison M ♪ says:

    new mown grass, I know its summer then

  335. SylviaP70 says:

    Freshly baked bread. You can’t beat it.

  336. amyjbeckett says:

    Freesias smell of my great grandma and my mum

  337. Lora says:

    I love the smell of chimney smoke. It makes me feel cosy and reminds me of crisp winter evenings.

  338. helen atkins says:

    I love Lavender, so relaxing especially from a candle!

  339. Jane Middleton says:

    I love the smell of real leather

  340. Kristy Leanne Brown says:

    I love the smell of oily diesely mechanics – strange I know but brings back very fond memories of my hubby when we first got together

  341. Cecelia Allen says:

    I really love the smell of violets, it reminds me of my childhood Christmases. Every Christmas myself and my 2 sisters had a tiny bottle of Soir de Paris perfume in our stocking and it smelled so strongly of violets. Also on mothers day all the children that went to church were given a little posy of violets to give as a present to our mums.

  342. Victoira says:

    I have always love Lavender, so relaxing. Though as a big motorsport fan I also find the smell of clutches and burning rubber on a lovely sunny day!

  343. Ellie Harrington says:

    I love the smell of jasmine – my nan gave me a jasmine plant when I moved into my new flat. It didn’t last very long but the scent reminds me of her.

  344. billy lovell says:

    I love the smell of freshly cut grass because it reminds me of when I played for hours with my friends when I was a kid 🙂

  345. Rachel Gilbey says:

    I love the scent of chocolate

  346. happymand says:

    I love the smell of violets – when I was a child I bought some violet fragrance from the Lake District on a School trip for my mother but I couldn’t help but sniff the bottle at any chance I could.

  347. Ellie says:

    For a candle scent, has to be cupcakes xx either vanilla or chocolate. It is such a comforting smell and a lot less calories than actually baking them myself LOL 🙂

  348. Gwyn says:

    I love the smell of Fresh, earthy air after the rain x

  349. Sue Robinson says:

    I love the smell of fresh cut grass in spring

  350. Fred_Baron says:

    The lovely aroma from the smell of lighting a paraffin lamp….the distinctive, iconic scent, coupled with the low level intimate glow of the lamp, makes any romantic dinner a night to remember 😉

  351. cornishgirl says:

    I love the smell of the seaside – that special smell of sea and seaweed and beaches and suncream and candyfloss and fish and chips all rolled into one! If somebody could bottle it it would be a magic reminder of summer holidays!

  352. Karis says:

    I love the smell of amaretto biscuits

  353. laura says:

    I love the smell of Christmas trees. makes me feel warm & cosy x

  354. Sarah Buckley says:

    I just adore the smell of freshly washed sheets when you get into a freshly-made bed! So clean & comforting! 🙂

  355. Jodie says:

    I love the smell of Coconut, I don’t know why lol I have everything coconut that smells coconut.

  356. tiffanyjayne says:

    cupcakes, that warm just baked smell when you break one open to make sure it’s cooked and not to nibble at the edges at all!

  357. Kazzyb says:

    I love the smell of hyacinths always makes me think spring is on the way ( well we can always hope ! )

  358. Susan Carruthers says:

    Freshly baked bread!

  359. Lorne says:

    I love candles and melts in my burners, favouriote smells fruity: Strawberry, Mulberry, cranberry etc.

  360. Georgia McAllister says:

    I love the smell of Parma Violets.

  361. spirit131 says:

    English roses

  362. Tracey Baker says:

    I love the smell of pine and zesty oranges reminds me of Christmas!! Also the smoky smell of an open fire.

  363. Melt says:

    Thanks Vera, bread works for us too. meltx

  364. Melt says:

    Yes! we love Freesia too and use it a lot in our fragrances…good luck! meltx

  365. Melt says:

    Hi Maggie, isn’t it fab what fragrance can do with our memories….thank you for reminding us! meltx

  366. Melt says:

    hi Gemma, many thanks we like marzipan too ( Almond!!) meltx

  367. Melt says:

    Thanks Melissa,BBQ smoke is one on its own…you might like to try fragrances with Vetiver in…that adds a smoky quality. meltx

  368. Melt says:

    many thanks and good luck. meltx

  369. Melt says:

    Hi there jane,…so pretty aren’t they. many thanks and good luck…meltx

  370. Melt says:

    Yep! us too……many thanks Glynis, meltx

  371. Melt says:

    ….and very understandable. Thanks Ursula, meltx

  372. Melt says:

    Yes! A really innocent, natural fragrance…meltx

  373. Melt says:

    Thanks Michelle…good luck, meltx

  374. Melt says:

    ahhh us too Paula. Lovely! meltx

  375. Melt says:

    Lovely Nigel….let’s hope we get plenty of those days in the garden this year. Many thanks, meltx

  376. Melt says:

    Thanks Stephanie…and good luck! meltx

  377. Melt says:

    Made us smile Angela….may there be lots more hugs like those…meltx

  378. Melt says:

    Thanks Dee…meltx

  379. Melt says:

    One of the best…meltx

  380. Melt says:

    Yes! definitely…meltx

  381. Melt says:

    we LOVE freesia Amy…many thanks , meltx

  382. Melt says:

    Perfect for this evening then Lora….many thanks and good luck, meltx

  383. Melt says:

    One of the VERY best…meltx

  384. Melt says:

    Yes Jane! especially Saddle leather….lovely! meltx

  385. Melt says:

    Thanks Kristy….how lovely! meltx

  386. Melt says:

    beautiful Cecelia…and lovely memory. many thanks …meltx

  387. Melt says:

    Made us smile Victoria….many thanks, meltx

  388. Melt says:

    Gorgeous fragrance Ellie, one of the best florals…meltx

  389. Melt says:

    Ho there Billy…we are ALL nodding in agreement…meltx

  390. Melt says:

    Makes sense!….thanks Rachel, meltx

  391. Melt says:

    ahhh….lovely, many thanks, meltx

  392. Melt says:

    Thanks Ellie…& good luck, meltx

  393. Melt says:

    Yes! Perfect! One of the very best….meltx

  394. Melt says:

    Many thanks Sue…and good luck, meltx

  395. Melt says:

    Thanks Fred….hope you get plenty of opportunity to light those lamps! meltx

  396. Melt says:

    Gulp!….We’ll try ! meltx

  397. Melt says:

    Alomonds! Lovely…meltx

  398. Melt says:

    One of our favorites too Laura, meltx

  399. Melt says:

    The best recipe for a good nights sleep! Thanks Sarah…meltx

  400. Melt says:

    Holidays…thanks Jodie, meltx

  401. Melt says:

    That’s too much temptation for us! many thanks…meltx

  402. Melt says:

    We can…and we LOVE hyacinth too. many thanks, meltx

  403. Melt says:

    thanks Susan…and good luck,

  404. Melt says:

    Thanks Lorne…good luck, meltx

  405. Melt says:

    Powdery, sweet & soft….lovely! thanks Georgia, meltx

  406. Melt says:

    NOTHING better….many thanks, meltx

  407. Melt says:

    all mixed together = perfection! Thanks tracey…meltx

  408. Laura Avery says:

    A freshly bathed newborn baby allways makes me think how much my sons have grown and takes me right back to those special moments.

  409. Linda Hobbis says:

    I love the smell of vanilla because it reminds me of my mum’s cakes and also baby powder because it brings back fond memories of when my two were small.

  410. Melt says:

    course it is allowed…good luck, meltx

  411. Melt says:

    Thanks Laura…and good luck,. meltx

  412. Melt says:

    very popular choices linda, no-one could disagree. meltx

  413. Melt says:

    WE HAVE A WINNER…details coming soon…

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