Archive: January 2016


Can aromatherapy help you quit smoking?

As we near the end of January many of us are struggling to maintain those positive vibes and have dropped ...

Posted on 25th Jan, 2016 by Cheryl Hook


What does your choice of scent say about you?

Whether you’re a lavender purist or like to sweeten things up with fruity flavours, your choice of scent can say ...

Posted on 18th Jan, 2016 by Cheryl Hook


Make the most out of your scented candles

Used properly, scented candles are a great way to enhance a space. Often, however, an overwhelming mix of scents can ...

Posted on 11th Jan, 2016 by Cheryl Hook


Why you’ll love vetiver!

Vetiver is a wonderful fragrance. Deep, sweet, woody, smoky and earthy, it’s loved by men and women alike and offers ...

Posted on 4th Jan, 2016 by Cheryl Hook

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