The best candle fragrances to help you sleep

A good nights sleep has the power to help us maintain our overall health, increase our activity and responsiveness. But, ...

Posted on 23rd Sep, 2019 by Cheryl Hook

candle meditation

The perfect luxury scents to intensify your meditation session 

In many ways, scented candles lend themselves beautifully to the art of meditation. They’re amazing for transporting you to a ...

Posted on 29th Aug, 2019 by Cheryl Hook

warm summer evening

Choose the best fragrance for the warm summer evenings

Ah, summer… we love it here at Melt luxury scented candles! This is the best time of year to enjoy ...

Posted on 23rd Jul, 2019 by Cheryl Hook


Our favourite summer fragrances in 2019

From the mood-enhancing sunshine to the arguably exotic heat, there’s all sorts to love about summer here in the UK. ...

Posted on 28th Jun, 2019 by Cheryl Hook

productivity home

4 quick tips to help you get more productive at home

For lots of us, our homes are a place to curl up and relax, giving ourselves some time off from ...

Posted on 31st May, 2019 by Shiv Howell

melt feature image

6 easy steps to switch your home decor for Spring

As the weather finally gets hotter and brighter (although there have clearly been a few hiccups in the past week ...

Posted on 30th Apr, 2019 by Cheryl Hook

The best countryside activities to enjoy with family this Spring

The beautiful countryside and spending time with family are both things which are very close to our hearts here at ...

Posted on 23rd Apr, 2019 by Cheryl Hook

join melt

Why join the world of Melt?

Spring is finally dawning, ushering in a fresh new season for our luxury scented candles. The change in weather’s brought ...

Posted on 29th Mar, 2019 by Cheryl Hook

With love from Melt Mothers Day inspiration

Looking for some Mother’s Day gift inspiration?

Deciding what to get your Mum on Mother’s day isn’t always an easy decision, but at Melt we’re here to ...

Posted on 19th Mar, 2019 by Cheryl Hook

melt moment

We want to hear about your Melt Moment!

If you’re a keen follower of ours on social media (hello!) you may have recently seen us ask to see ...

Posted on 22nd Feb, 2019 by Cheryl Hook

melt feature

Romantic scented candles you’ll love for Valentine’s Day

There’s no more romantic day of the year than February 14th, Valentine’s Day. It’s a fantastic time to reconnect with ...

Posted on 12th Feb, 2019 by Cheryl Hook


Introducing our brand new Preserve and Protect range!

We believe in being kind to yourself here at Melt. It’s why we so carefully choose the ingredients that go ...

Posted on 31st Jan, 2019 by Cheryl Hook

socks at christmas

5 amazing ways to have a country Christmas at home

Modern Christmas at times seems to be all about the glitz and glamour. Glass baubles, vibrant colour schemes, metallic trims ...

Posted on 18th Dec, 2018 by Cheryl Hook

Win a Melt Christmas Gift – Lost Llama Competition

Help! Lil the Lovely Llama has escaped her pen! We’ve been so busy in the run-up to Christmas that we ...

Posted on 30th Nov, 2018 by Cheryl Hook

candles in remembrance

The role of fragrance in remembrance

  By their nature, handmade scented candles are deeply personal things. Here at Melt we invest a lot of time ...

Posted on 8th Nov, 2018 by Cheryl Hook

clock autumn

How to keep your sanity when the clocks go back

On the 28th of October, the clocks go back one hour. You wouldn’t have thought it would have that much ...

Posted on 15th Oct, 2018 by Cheryl Hook

autumn sunset

Three beautiful scents to warm your home this autumn

We’ve had a wonderfully long and warm summer this year – so much so, that autumn has rather crept up ...

Posted on 27th Sep, 2018 by Cheryl Hook

peace candle

5 great ways to find your inner peace

You’ve got a lot on your plate. We know the feeling – it’s more or less a staple of everyday ...

Posted on 5th Sep, 2018 by Cheryl Hook

rise and shine

5 easy tricks to save yourself stress in the mornings

Not everyone’s a morning person. For those of us who aren’t, mornings can be rough. (Much less preferable to curling ...

Posted on 20th Aug, 2018 by Cheryl Hook

enjoying coffee

What is fika? Mastering the Swedish art of taking a break

Fika is sometimes known as ‘the almighty Swedish coffee break’, which is definitely something we can get on board here ...

Posted on 29th Jun, 2018 by Cheryl Hook

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