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Our 'Nameless' Limited Edition Candle

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A Tall & Thin candle with a 70 hour burn time :)

A while back, we were playing with fragrance (as you do .....) & managed to create what we felt was a beautiful combination for the Spring and Summer months.  It's predominant notes were Chinese Parsley & Geranium, both underpinned with some soft herbs and grasses.

Chinese Parsley is also known as Cilantro - and the foliage and seeds give us the well known herb Coriander (when using the leaves) and also Spice (when using the seeds).  The taste is fresh, spicy & earthy - & the fragrance is the same.  Known for its ability to help ease joint & muscle pain, treat fungus & soothe the stomache... It's aromatherapy benefts are many, such as aiding relaxation, alleviating anxiety & boosting mood amongst others.

When paired with Geranium it takes on a lighter, brighter note that is quite beautiful & unusual.  Geranium is unmistakeably floral with a hint of Rose and is well known for its ability to help fight insomnia, promote emotional wellbeing, reduce pain & inflammation, helps heal insect bites ...... & it's piece de resistance ladies.... is that it is beneficial during the menopause :)

We love the fragrance but the raw materials are making it very expensive to recreate.  And so we are using what we have to make it available as a limited edtion for you.  It has no name and will be unboxed but the candles are otherwise perfect and in a beautiful white, and will bring the Scent of Summer to your home & garden

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