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Melt Luxury Gift Hamper (Large)

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Indulge yourself in one of our Luxury Melt Hampers.

We know you probably demonstrate your adoration in a million little important ways every day; however, there’s nothing quite like a selection of beautifully gift boxed goodies to guarantee that extra smile. Our stunning hampers are filled with our own unique luxury products that will delight a loved one, friend, teacher, neighbour or special family member.... we really have tried to make sure there is something for everyone :)

Our Large Hamper Includes:

Melt Preserve & Protect Body Cream -  Use sparingly – this lovely lotion goes a long way, & should feel creamy, silky & deliciously scented. Shake before use – massage a small amount over the skin, & allow to dry

Melt Preserve & Protect Body Wash: Use sparingly – this lovely cleanser goes a long way, & should feel creamy, silky & deliciously scented. Shake before use - & rinse thoroughly.

Melt Preserve & Protect Aromatic Spray - Use sparingly – this lovely spray mist is wonderful on its own or layered after using the Body Wash & Body Cream to prolong the fragrance. Can also be used as a room spritz.

Melt Reed Diffuser - Will give you months of fragrance without demanding any fuss or attention from you, and will be perfectly behaved wherever you choose to plonk them. 

Melt Luxury Glass Jar - Approximately 70 hours burn time

Melt Room Scenter - Approximately 22 hours burn time

Eden - This is one of those rare creatures who offends no-one and delights everyone. She does all seasons and all places in the home, behaves impeccably at all times, is well mannered and charming and so makes the perfect house guest/gift. She’s the “girl” that everyone wants to be friends with and everyone wants to know. We like her .....A LOT!

Neroli & Rose Geranium - Because this is, without question, the lady of our scented candles range. Think silk lingerie (matching, of course...), cashmere, always in heels, leather gloves, only champagne and hand written thank you notes.

Ultra feminine and lady like, this fragrance would be found on the dressing table. Without a doubt.

Verbena & Clary Sage - Because this fragrance made us realise why we love doing what we do all over again. When it was completed we did a little jig of 'sniffy happiness' round the workshop we were that pleased with ourselves.

In our retail outlet this is the one that when popped under a customer's nose nearly always has the same response; a huge smile followed by "Wow! That is just stunning!" And it is.

We guess the trick is that it smells like the most gorgeous chap (or at least one who wears the most exquisite fragrances) - which is why both men and women love it so much. It's just fabulous to have around... and the fact that is is so easy on the nose cleverly masks that it is actually a very complex fragrance but well worth the effort.

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