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The Symbol of love! Rose oil is the essential oil extracted from the petals of various types of rose through a number of extraction processes that take place in May/June, after the Rose starts to flower. Harvesting of Roses is labour intensive with blossoms being picked by hand at sunrise when the oil yield is at its highest – which is why rose oil is so highly valued.


Why we love it in fragrance

The Rose is commonly used to relax and de-stress – inhaling essential oil molecules sends a message to the part of the brain (the limbic system) responsible for controlling emotions and influencing the nervous system. Although found in a number of our scented candles including ‘Angel, ‘Noir’ & ‘Saddle’, our ‘Ode to Rose’ really is the ‘More/Love’ scented candles. Packed full of rose and having taken over 2 years to create – it offers a clean, green scent with a slightly sweet edge to it. Our perfumery features Czech & Speake’s Dark Rose which is a delicate bourbon rose intertwined with a green thread of fresh geranium giving it an exotic sensual depth.described as pretty, soft & floral!

Aromatherapeutic use

Depression, balancing, stress, tension, emotional healing, self-esteem, aphrodisiac contentment, peace.


Czech & Speake: Cuba, Dark Rose and No.88
Rance: Le Roi Empereur, Josephine, Eugenie, Laetitia, Duc de Berry and Eau Superbe
Ruth Mastenbroek: RM
Jean Charles Brosseau: Ombre Rose
Antonio Alessandro: Noir Obscur
Nobile 1942: Malia and Rudis

Other Ingredients