The roots of leather perfumery reach all the way back to the mid-16th century to the tradition of leather scenting. Leather in its raw state does not smell pleasant due to the tanning process. To mask the aroma of animal skin Parisian glove makers, Gantiers Parfumeurs, who made gloves for the aristocracy would perfume the gloves with oils, musk, ambergris and civet.


Why we love it in fragrance

Today, the leather odour is achieved using both natural (eg: Birch, Juniper, Cistus Labdanum) and synthsised (eg: quinolines, safraleine, aldehydes) derived scents.

Aromatherapeutic use

The scent of leather is beautufully soft on the nostrils somehow evoking reminiscent memories of the best moments in life.


Rance’s Eau Superbe, Francois Charles, Le Roi Empereur, Le Vainqueur. Nobile 1942’s Rudis. Antonio Alessandro’s Nuit Rouge, Noir Obscur, Nacre Blanche

Other Ingredients