Jasmine is celebrated in perfumery for its plush, penetrating floral aroma. Fresh and luminous, it has a sweet fruity nuance that grows stronger in oil. Harvesting takes place early morning when the flowers are still closed.


Why we love it in fragrance

As an essential oil it has a delicate, rich and very beautiful sweet floral aroma, making a popular choice for fragrances products. However, sweet and pretty aside, there are some real benefits to be gained too. It has a very soothing, calming and revitalising side to its aroma making it very valuable for severe depression; it soothes the nerves reducing fears and anxieties whilst uplifting the mood helping to boost confidence.

Aromatherapeutic use

Anti-depressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, cicastrisant, sleep aid, menopause, sedative, anti-oxidant, stress relief,


Rance: Le Vainqueur, Francois Charles, Josephine, Eugenie, Helene and Eau de la Couronne
Ruth Mastenbroek: RM, Amorosa and Oxford
Jean Charles Brosseau: The Brun, Atlas Cedar, Ombre Rubis

Other Ingredients