Candle Sizes
Melt Scented Candles

Candle Sizes

Round Pillar Candles

Our original product, these Round Pillar Candles remain our best selling range.

Hand-poured at Backridge Farm in Waddington, each candle takes around 36 hours to make before it is trimmed, tagged & sent on it’s way.

Tall & Thin
7″ x 2.5″
Burn Time 70+ Hours

Short & Fat
4″ x 4″
Burn Time 80+ Hours

Tall & Fat
8″ x 4″
Burn Time 160+ Hours

Round Pillar Candles
Luxury Glass Jar Candles

Room Scenter Jar Candle

The Luxury Glass Jar’s little sister… Packaged in a simple black gift box, with a gorgeous gift card tucked away inside. A 6cm high shot glass, filled with beautifully fragranced ivory-coloured wax. Each candle will burn for around 22-25 hours.

Luxury Glass Jar Candles

We think our Luxury Glass Jar candles are gorgeous (even if we do say so ourselves)! The rounded crystal glass jar is filled with fragranced ivory coloured wax. Each candle will burn for 70+ hours, & measures 9cm high.