Not wild about the World Cup? Calm the chaos with candles!

9 June 14

Scented Candles

While plenty of England fans are gearing up to cheer on the team and wave their flags in support of our boys in Brazil, there are those amongst us (naming no names!) who already feel like we need a quiet lie-down in a darkened room!

Not wild about the World Cup? In this article, we take a look at some easy ways to unwind – with some of our gorgeous handmade scented candles, of course!

Crack open the bubbles!

No – not the champagne, although that’s not a bad idea! What we had in mind was a gorgeous foaming bubble bath – the perfect way to while away an hour or so while the football fans around you go mad for penalties, press conferences and passes.

Our Still scented candles evoke heady luxury with sensual floral notes of geranium and chamomile combined herby lavender and rosemary, and overlaid with the fresh tang of eucalyptus. Known by loyal fans of Melt’s handmade scented candles as a true ‘spa scent’, our Still fragrance will be a welcome time-out from the footy madness!

Get down the garden!

If the bathroom’s just not far enough away from the TV and the excited fans clustered round it, why not make the most of the hot weather and create a little outdoor haven? Whether you’ve got a spacious garden or a little balcony or yard, one of our handmade scented candles can transform your little patch into a veritable oasis of calm.

Our Eden scented candles capture the fresh sweetness of cut grass and are rounded off with creamy fig, so why not throw out a few cushions, light a scented candle and settle back under the summer breeze with a good book?

Avoid the World Cup chaos at work!

During big events like the World Cup, football fandom can seem to follow you wherever you go. Even the office isn’t necessarily a safe place: from profitable sweep-stakes to post-match analysis, you may find that the golden game follows you to work!

While scented candles aren’t usually approved for offices, our range of elegant scented reed diffusers can imbue your own little office space with an aura of calm. Our Verbena and Clary Sage scented reed diffusers combine the fresh scent of verbena leaves, silver lavender and clary sage with fresh ozonics on a base of cashmere woods, white cedar and moss. Just gorgeous!

Take the calm with you with our handmade scented candles!

While we can’t promise to make the football end any sooner, here at Melt, we’re ready to offer you a little drop of calm in this ocean of football fanaticism!

On special offer at the moment, we’ve got our scented candles taster box, which contains five homemade scented candles of your choice – that should be enough to see you through until the finals!

Will you be escaping the World Cup celebrations with one of our scented candles? Tell us where you’ll be hiding in the comments, or tweet us @MeltCandles! 😉