Why Your Home Should Be Important To You

28 February 18
comfortable at home

Here at Melt Candles, it’s fair to say that our luxury scented candles are used almost exclusively in the home, so if you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ll already be aware that quite a big focus of ours is the atmosphere in this very setting. Whatever your style or preferences, there’s a good chance your home is very important to you. This week on the blog at Melt, we’re lifting the lid on exactly why!

Why We Care So Much About Home

Depending on our circumstances and hobbies, it’s fair to say that some of us invest quite a lot of money in making our home exactly the way we want it to. But our homes aren’t just a reflection of the money we put into them – they’re far more than that. For lots of us, our house is likely to be the biggest purchase we’ll ever make in our life. But a house alone isn’t a home, and nor are the things we put in it. They’re just the pieces.

family at home

More than anything, a home is felt. It’s the concept of emotional security that we attach to a physical location, a place we mould in our own image. It can be a house, a caravan, or even a boat. You could almost argue that the physical characteristics of it don’t matter. We invest ourselves in these places emotionally, and that’s what we call home. It’s also why it’s important to look after it. Paying attention to our home environments, and shaping them according to what makes us comfortable, is what transforms them from simply a collection of rooms, to a place we dream of when we’re hundreds of miles away.

How Our Homes Are Shaped By Their Atmosphere

Above all else, our homes reflect us, whether we mean them to or not. Our homes mean sanctuary, where we can rest, relax, and enjoy ourselves with family and friends. A home that doesn’t make us feel comfortable is no home at all! It’s why the first thing we do when we move in is put up decorations, install the furnishings we love, and make it look and feel how we want it to be. It turns it from mere shelter to a place that fulfils an emotional need, and that’s what makes a home.

hygge interiors

So, what are the best ways to create atmosphere in your home? Well, colour is a big one. We respond to colour on an instinctual level – red makes us alert and grabs our attention, whereas we find neutral colours like blue calming (which is why it’s such a popular colour for wallpaper in many homes). Furnishings are another major factor, more than many of us realise. For a home study for example, you’re probably not going to want a chair that’s too snuggly – save that for the living room! You’d want one that’s straight backed, comfortable but businesslike, putting you in the mood to get things done.

And of course – you knew it was coming – luxury scented candles are a fantastic way to set the atmosphere of a room. Candles like Joy can give you that vibe of get-up-and-go, whereas Blush is great for that achieving that dream-like quality you might want for your living room to unwind at the end of a tough day. You probably have your own ideas – feel free to browse our full range of luxury scented candles to find them!