Why we love wintertime

16 November 15
Why we love wintertime

There are so many things to love about winter; wrapping up with a cosy hat, scarf and gloves, sipping on warm seasonal favourites – like mulled wine, hot chocolate or just a comforting tea, and the crisp, beautiful landscapes topped in glistening frosts. While the weather and setting isn’t perfect at all times – we all hate those grey, damp days! – it’s easy to recreate the magic of winter in your home. With scented candles, you can enjoy all the best bits of winter while snuggling up in the warm.

The scents of the season

Why we love wintertime

There are hundreds of scents and smells that are synonymous with wintertime, many of which evoke fond memories of childhood magic or romance. At Melt, we were able to come up with a few that brought back heartwarming memories of the season:

  • Pine – Going to pick out a Christmas tree was always one of the highlights of wintertime.
  • Cinnamon – Baking spiced winter biscuits still is one of our favourite seasonal activities.
  • Mulled wine – A seasonal celebration isn’t complete without a glass or two of this winter classic.
  • Orange – In our youth, we used to find an orange or two in our Christmas stocking. Now we’re reaching out for oranges not only for their fabulous taste, but also for their high vitamin C levels.
  • Chestnuts – Nothing says Christmas market like warm roasted chestnuts!
  • Vanilla – There’s something about vanilla that reminds us about all the good times in life. From birthday cakes, right through to Christmas baking. It’s also a lovely, welcoming scent for the home.

Top winter scented candles

Why we love wintertime

If the scents of winter make you feel all warm and cosy inside, why not fill your home with winter goodness everyday with a carefully blended Melt candle. Ideal for personal use, when chilling out in front of the fire, or Christmas cocktail parties, our scents help to create the perfect atmosphere especially using our Christmas scented candles.

Here are a few of our favourites…

Autumn Scented Candles

The definitive autumn and winter fragrance is infused with fantastic seasonal ingredients including cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and spice, for the perfect blend.

Ideal for: Fragrancing your home

Aubergine Scented Candles

Elegant, warm, and full of herbs and spices, Aubergine is a very charming scent offering notes of bergamot, amber, cinnamon and clove. The overall scent is very much like mulled wine.

Ideal for: Cocktail parties

Nutmeg and Vetiver Scented Candles

This enchanting, spicy fragrance features seasonal ingredients including nutmeg, orange and clove.

Ideal for: A winter wonderland-feel home

Noir Scented Candles

The perfect night time fragrance infused with bergamot, spicy clove and sweet vanilla. There’s something very special and sensual about this blend!

Ideal for: A night of romance or special dinner date

Christmas Scented Candles

Our list of winter scents wouldn’t be complete without this spicy, warm fragrance featuring cinnamon and clove. You’ll know exactly why we decided to name it after the seasonal event of the year!

Ideal for: The 12 days of Christmas

What do you love most about winter? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet your winter favourites to us @MeltCandles