Why we love: Vanilla

1 February 16
Why we love Vanilla

Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a soft spot for vanilla? As well as smelling great, vanilla is rich in health benefits too – so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular scents when it comes to scented candles. Often regarded as a slightly more neutral scent, pleasing everyone, its sweet aroma conjures up fond memories of summer days eating ice cream and delicious home baked goods.

Why choose vanilla? 

why we love vanilla

While the gorgeous scent is enough to draw many of us to vanilla it actually offers a whole lot of other benefits.


  1. It’s a superb antioxidant

We’re always hearing about antioxidants and how they can improve our overall health – but you don’t need to stock up on blueberries and goji berries to get your dose. Vanilla is also full of antioxidants and definitely a more pleasurable way to get that dose of wellness!


  1. It helps fight fevers and infections

Vanilla essential oil can effectively reduce fevers by fighting infections. With components including Eugenol and Vanillin Hydroxybenzaldehyde, all those nasties making us ill will soon go away. What’s more, its sedative properties also mean it reduces inflammation from fevers – ensuring we feel better during the recovery process too.


  1. It’s one of the best scents for relaxing

As mentioned above, vanilla oil also has sedative properties – which are great for helping one to relax. The oil has a relaxing and calming effect on the brain and the nerves, providing relief from anxiety, anger, and restlessness. In fact, it has even been proved to have a positive effect on those suffering from depression and anxiety. This makes it a great scent to burn in times of stress, or after a long and hard day at work.


  1. It’s perfect for date night

If you’re looking for a delicious scent to set the mood for your date choose vanilla. Vanilla has actually been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times and studies have proven that it boosts testosterone in men! What’s more, it smells great too, creating the perfect atmosphere for that night of passion!


Where to find it in our range of candles

White scented candle

Vanilla is a great base note ideal for many fragrances and handmade scented candles – which is why it appears in so many of our Melt scents.

You can discover the magic of vanilla with:

Angel Scented Candles – One of our best selling scents that combines a collection of all our favourite ingredients, including chocolate!

Blush Scented Candles – The ultimate comfort fragrance, ideal for cosy days in and snuggly nights. Featuring a range of malted vanillas, this one is perfect for all you vanilla addicts!

White Scented Candles – The loveable scent that suits just about any room and any home; think crisp white bedding and fresh linen. Combining vanilla with mint and musk, amongst others, it’s perhaps the best scent to choose if you’re looking for something to appeal to all.

Have you tried any of our vanilla scents? If so, which is your favourite and why? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet us @MeltCandles