Why Our Scented Candles Make Fantastic Gifts

8 March 17
why luxury scented candles make fantastic gifts

Whoever they’re for, it’s a universal truth that  scented candles make brilliant gifts. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or an impromptu surprise, a veritable ton of distinctive characteristics make them perfect for that special someone.

Scented Candles Are Products Of Love

gift of love

OK, we admit it. We might be a little biased here, but we think that one of the things that make our luxury scented candles so great is the amount of love and care that go into their creation. They’re not churned from the end of a factory line – they’re handmade, and the carefully crafted products of years of attentive research and experimentation. At Melt, all of our candles are subject to strict quality control – we’ve never stocked anything but the very best, and that’s how you know you’re only buying quality products from us. A handmade, luxury item is a far better expression of love and appreciation than any other mass-produced item.

What’s more, they’re not big or bulky, or complicated to use. No one has ever unwrapped a candle and gone “how does it work, then?” The recipient can get using it right away, and it doesn’t need any fiddling with manuals. Luxury scented candles are simple, easy, and universal.

Candles Are Personable And Versatile

Blush fragrance

Candles aren’t one size fits all – each of them have their own distinct scents and personalities, making them suitable for individual tastes and settings. It’s this very diversity that makes them such great gifts. They’re carefully considered and chosen to reflect that person’s tastes and characteristics, giving them a uniquely personal aspect. Our Dark Wood fragrance is fantastically deep and dark, while our Joy scented candle is lighter and more celebratory. The amazing thing is, they’re versatile too. Instead of giving a single candle to someone to reflect their personality, you can give them several so that they can use them in different settings. We’ve already pointed out how many functions candles can serve in a religious environment, for example, if your friend is religiously observant, or they’re brilliant for romantic settings, too. The list is endless!

They’re Economical And Long Lasting

candle flame

Our luxury scented candles are many things, but expensive they are not. (Reassuringly so, maybe – we’ll give you that one.) They can give you that high-class feeling without having to drop the associated ton of cash that usually comes with it. What’s more, they’re not one use – you can use them over and over again before they expire. For some people, this might mean weeks of use, whereas for others it could even be months, depending on how they use their candles (and what for). This means that they’re not only fantastic value, but it maximises your enjoyment of them at the same time. There aren’t many luxury items we can truly say that about!

So, whether it’s a thoughtful present for your partner or just a token of appreciation for one of your friends, you can never go wrong with a luxury scented candle. You can browse our full range of candles here, or alternatively you can call us on 01200 443377 if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

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