Why luxury scented candles are the perfect summer gift for teachers

10 July 23

A good teacher can make all the difference when it comes to your child’s experience at school. After all, everyone remembers that one really great teacher they had, don’t they? The impact of a special teacher can stay with people for decades after they leave school, and in some cases for their entire life! So, when the end of the school year rolls around, why not consider giving the gift of a luxury scented candle?

Year after year teachers take home the same gifts, flowers, chocolate and most likely a few too many bottles of wine (not that they’re probably complaining). But if you’re looking for the perfect summer gift for your child’s teacher that’s meaningful and slightly left of centre, a gorgeous scented candle is definitely the way to go – and let us tell you why.

3 reasons scented candles make the perfect gift for teachers

Candles make great gifts for all special occasions. They’re beautiful, they smell nice, and they can positively affect moods – what’s not to love? Here are three reasons why we think a scented candle is a fabulous end of year gift for that special teacher:

They’re a gift that suits everyone

Candles are incredibly versatile gifts because they can be used by anyone. They’re capable of catering to a wide range of personalities and preferences, which means they can also make great personal gifts too. For example, if someone is a fan of a certain flower like Lavender, or time of year like Autumn, you can find a candle to mirror that – showing that you’ve thought about them! Not only that, but the amount of options you have when it comes to colours and sizes is wonderfully diverse.

Candles provide great value for money

We love the feeling of having fresh flowers sitting in a vase on the windowsill, but as lovely as they are, they just don’t last long enough. And that’s when you only have one bunch. The average class has around 20–30 students, so you can probably predict that at least a few students will opt for flowers. Scented candles on the other hand, last as long as you want them to last. For example, our luxury glass jar candles will burn for over 70 hours – and they aren’t even our longest burning candles!

They’re an environmentally-friendly gift

Candles make great gifts, and they’re also environmentally conscious ones too – especially if they’re handmade like our luxury scented candles are here at Melt. And after they’ve been enjoyed to their fullest, the jar can be reused! Candle jars can be washed and re-used for a multitude of purposes including storage, a pen holder, or even a plant pot – perfect for a teacher’s desk!

Which scents would be a great fit for your teacher?

This is largely where your knowledge of the person and a little intuition comes into play. There are a few reliable favourites that suit most people. If you’re buying a candle for a male teacher for example, why not try some of our more masculine scented candles, like our spicy, rich and smooth Saddle? We absolutely love this candle. With notes of sandalwood, cedar, moss and amber, this is one of our most popular candles, and for good reason. It’s perfect all year round and just exudes comfy feelings!

For something slightly different on the other hand, you could opt for something more uplifting and warm, like Burgundy. Burgundy reminds us of a good book, it’s hushed and relaxed – perfect for an English teacher.

If you’re buying for a female teacher, we’d recommend Angel. Our Angel is a firm favourite amongst our customers, and has been ever since we first introduced her to the world all the way back in 2002. With gorgeous notes of dewberry, cassis, jasmine, vanilla and a hint of chocolate, this candle is the ultimate gift – and it’s perfect for use in the classroom. And of course, for a summery scent, it’s got to be Joy. This sparkly, happy, floral scent is fresh, enthusiastic and uncomplicated. And what better scent is there to symbolise the end of the school year?

These are just our recommendations – ultimately, you can choose whatever scent you like! Check out our incredible range of luxury scented candles right here on our site. Or if you have any questions or you’d like any further recommendations, then why not get in touch with our lovely team or pop down and see us at our Shop On The Farm? We can’t wait to help you pick out the perfect candle!

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