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29 March 19
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Spring is finally dawning, ushering in a fresh new season for our luxury scented candles. The change in weather’s brought another interesting change for us too here at Melt – more people than ever are signing up to our newsletter! So, if you’re wondering why now’s the perfect time to join the World of Melt, we’ve got a few ideas for you – below, we’ve listed just some of the most popular!

Get great discount codes on our luxury scented candles

Our newsletters are the perfect way to keep yourself up to date on our special offers and promotions here at Melt, and find out what’s most popular amongst our range! We regularly do seasonal promotions, as well – you may have heard of our famous ’12 Weeks of Christmas’ campaign we do towards the end of each year. We also schedule promotions for other major calendar dates throughout the year, too – so signing up to the newsletter ensures that you never miss a single one!

Uncover rare and unique scented candles amongst our range

If you’re a regular customer of ours here at Melt, you may already know some of our most popular candles off by heart (we certainly do!). Beautiful little lovelies like Angel, Shine and Eden get their fair share of the limelight, but our newsletter is a wonderful way to discover new treasures, too. It often features slightly rarer and even completely unique beauties such as our Phoenix and Unloved scented candles, so that you can expand your range of favourites to enjoy at home!

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Find out more about the wonderful ingredients in your favourite products

As you may already know, we’re very selective about the sorts of ingredients we put into our scented candles – we’re all about maintaining their luxurious, handmade feel! On top of that, though, many of them have excellent aromatherapy benefits, such as making you feel happier, or more relaxed, or more energetic. Our newsletter is a great place to find out more about what makes your favourite scents special, and why they make you feel like they do!

Learn more about the language of Melt

Thankfully, the world of luxury candles isn’t brimming with technical jargon! But that said, there are certain words and abbreviations that might not be immediately obvious. For a classic example of this, you need look no further than our brand new Bath and Body range, which has no parabens, no SLS, and no SLES. What do those mean, exactly! Well, you’ll have to sign up to the newsletter to find out! (Or, of course, read our detailed post explaining some of these terms, and why they’re good news for you…)

Discover Melt Moments, and other new ways to enjoy the Melt brand

You might have already heard of Melt Moments – we’ve got a whole post to explain them! In a nutshell, a Melt Moment is the individual ‘me time’ that each of us take to enjoy our Melt candles. We’ve had some fantastic stories and suggestions put to us on social media recently, and we’re planning on making them known to an even wider audience in our newsletters! Whether you’ve already got a Melt Moment of your own, or you’re looking for some fresh inspiration, joining the World of Melt can help you explore new ways to enjoy your handmade scented candles. And really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

And of course, whether you sign up or not, there’s nothing to stop you from running wild amongst the scented candles right here on our site! Or, you can pop down to our little shop on the farm to experience some beautiful new scents for yourself! (Although it goes without saying – no running there, please.)

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