Why It’s Important To Take The Time To Relax

30 August 17
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Modern life is more fast-paced than ever, and we’ve all got a lot of day to day demands on our time. From work stresses to parental responsibilities, finance worries and important calendar dates, we could all definitely use a break every once in a while! In fact, that may well be truer than you think. Proper relaxation is key to being able to function effectively, no matter what you spend your days doing.

These are just three of the major reasons why it’s important to relax:

  1. It helps keep you focused.
  2. It can be useful in tackling problems, (including creative obstacles).
  3. It can re-energise you for the next challenges in life!

Right then – are you ready to find out how?

Relaxation Time Helps You To Stay Focused

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It seems counter-intuitive, we know – and that’s what’s so great about it! At Melt, we think it’s all about time. Think about it: so much of our lives is governed by clocks and ticking hands and alarms. The time we have to wake up in the morning. The time we have before the shops closed. The time we have left to finish this project at work.

For a little while, all of us need a world without time. The weekend is an obvious candidate – if you can, it’s a good plan to try and get the tasks most pressing on your to-do list done in the week, and leave yourself a good, long time where you don’t have to worry about the clock, or where you have to be next. It gives you time to process what’s going on in your life, reflect on it, and re-evaluate it. Having a chance to slow down and think about things can help you be even more productive in the long run.

Having Me-Time Can Help You Overcome Problems

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Sometimes, we can run into a brick wall with a job. It could be a tricky task at work, or an issue at home. We’ve all had those moments when we know we need to do something – but we’re just not sure how. The weird solution to this can often be: just don’t think about it for a bit. Immerse yourself in something else, help yourself unwind, and let the worries go. We’re not making this up, honestly – there’s a reason why ‘going for a walk’ is a common piece of advice to deal with writer’s block. It gives your brain the time it needs to quietly slot everything in place itself, so that when you turn your attention back to the problem, you might even find the answer all ready and waiting for you.

You Give Yourself The Rest You Need To Re-Energise

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We all need rest, both physical and mental. Your boss wouldn’t expect you to work 24 hours without sleeping – you’d burn out. In the same way, you can’t expect yourself to be mentally sharp 100% of the time. At some point in the day, you need to let go and unwind. Taking some me-time helps clear your mind of day-to-day worries, which does wonders for your mental health.

It’s true we have to switch back on at some point – or nothing would ever get done! – but still, you should always make sure you give yourself a moment to relax every once in a while. Trust us, you need it more than you think.

5 Quick Suggestions On The Best Ways To Unwind

An obvious one would be to watch TV, or engross yourself in a film. But just for this list, we’re going to stay away from suggestions that involve screen time – there’s no shortage of options there!

Instead, you can:

  1. Meditate

It’s not everyone’s thing, but people all over the world regularly attest to its benefits, and it doesn’t have to involve the Lotus pose!

  1. Listen to laid back, relaxing music

Perhaps compose a playlist!

  1. Socialise with friends

Kick back and find out what’s going on with your closest friends. (And don’t talk shop for a little while.)

  1. Read a book

The ultimate quiet-time activity!

  1. Take a long walk in the country

Remember, it’s an excellent cure for writer’s block, and it’s a wonderful time of year for it!

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