Why Candles Aren’t Just For Winter

26 April 17
why luxury scented candles arent just for winter feature image

In some ways, it seems like candles are the perfect winter decorations – and they are! But that doesn’t mean they’re just limited to the colder seasons; they work beautifully in the summer too. If you have a moment, allow us to fill you in on just a few of the reasons why candles make fantastic spring and summer decorations.

Candles Are Season Specific

spring woods

This is one of the major aspects of luxury scented candles, and it’s one that not everyone necessarily realises. But it makes sense when you think about it – after all, luxury candles have different scents, different feelings and different personalities, so it’s only right that they’d be right at home in particular seasons too. In fact, there’s a whole range of our candles that work specifically well in springtime and summer – so if you’re only buying your candles for winter you’re missing out on all of these entirely!

Candles Enhance The Summer Feeling In Your Home

A stylish spring living room

One of the best things about luxury scented candles is, of course, their ability to influence the feeling and mood of a room. And with the world outside finally getting brighter and warmer, springtime often feels like nature itself is shrugging off some of the drearier aspects of winter, making all of us more cheerful and happy. Who can blame us all for wanting to capture some of this natural beauty to bring into our own homes?

A fresh summer fragrance is exactly what the doctor ordered, and that’s where our lovely lady Joy steps in. She’s a bouncy, enthusiastic citrus floral made for spring and summer. With her citrus scent lifted on a heart of rose, lily and iris, it’s time to wake up and smell the sunshine!

The delicate touch is also important – with the days getting hotter, you might find some scents are too thick, heady or powerful. Not so with Joy – she stays on the right side of light and breezy, but with just enough wind under her wings to keep you smiling all day.

Create Beautiful Ambient Lighting

candle flame

Brighter and longer days are just one of the things we love about spring! Sometimes though it can be a little tricky to judge when to turn the lights on. Some people have the luxury of dimmer switches (lucky you!) but for the rest of us, we may not want to spoil the effect of the lovely fading evening light by flicking on our light switches. On the other hand – we can’t see what we’re doing. So what to do?

Once again, it’s candles to the rescue! With a few strategically placed scented candles, you can cast an ambient light that’s soft and gentle, giving you enough light to see but while still keeping it low enough so that you can enjoy the vibrant orange, pinks and blues of the setting sun in the sky.

And that’s just a few! We can think of many more reasons to have some luxury candles around for summer, but we think that after a certain point, it’s not enough to just tell you – you have to experience it for yourself! Joy is indeed a fantastic choice for a summer candle, while Eden can give your living room that glorious outdoorsy feel that we love about spring and summer.

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