Which welcoming, woody scents captured our hearts this year?

1 March 22

Over the past year, we’ve found that many of our customers felt the best way to give their indoors a hint of the great outdoors, was by introducing a rich, soothing, woody scented, luxury candle to their home. Woody scents are often unisex in their appeal, so it’s no surprise to us here at Melt that they’re a popular addition which we include in many of our candles. In that spirit, here are a just a few of our woodier scents that have hit just the right note with many of our customers this year.


If you’re looking to embrace the perfect woody atmosphere, look no further than Forest. This exquisite fragrance is specifically inspired by the great outdoors – like many of our seasonal candles – but with an entrancing, smoky base that gives you that undeniable autumnal feel. Pine leads the way in our concoction of forest delights, but it’s far from an overwhelming experience, striking the perfect balance with a woody hint that will instantly transport you to crisp, autumnal leaves underfoot, comfy hat and glove combos, and warm hot chocolates by the fire (with extra cream and marshmallows for when you’re feeling extra cosy!).


The “Season of mist and mellows” as Keats said, and probably our favourite season here at Melt. With the long summer days behind us, the long winter nights are closing in, so be sure to capture the feel of crunchy leaves, outdoor jumpers and fireworks by the bonfire while you can! Perfect day or night, Autumn is our little tribute to our favourite time of year, encapsulating everything we love about the seasons, get wrapped up in spicy cinnamon, nutmeg and hints of orange and vanilla, to set you own your way to the festive season.


Dark Wood

Head even deeper into the woods with our delightful Dark Wood candle. A natural phenomenon, ‘Oud’ is the result of a chemical reaction that takes over the heartwood of Aquaria trees, and is the key ingredient that gives our Dark Wood candles their distinctive scent. ‘Oud’ is one of the most expensive natural, raw materials in the world, and adds a soft smokiness which is there to greet you the moment you light it up. Forest, Dark Wood and Autumn all transport you straight into the thick of the outdoor experience.


Not everyone’s looking for a loud, full flavoured fragrance that dominates the room as soon as you walk in. Sometimes, all you want is a little hush. One of our more subtle tones, Hush is perfect all year round for those moments when all you want to do is kick back, relax, and switch off from the world around you. With a delightful cedar base, coupled with exquisite chalky, floral undertones, it’s the perfect companion for those quieter moments.

Woody scents are a perfect mood setter no matter the time of day, season or atmosphere. We absolutely adore our warm, inviting woody flavours and we’re sure you will too! However, if you’re thinking of something outside the woodland realm, take a look through our entire range of luxury candles and see what tickles your fancy! Or, pop down to our ‘Shop On The Farm’ where you can experience all our candles in person- we’d love to see you!