Where’s the best place to put a scented candle in your home?

14 September 21

If you’ve spent any amount of time here on the blog at Melt Candles, you might have heard us talk about the strong link between your olfactory senses (i.e. your sense of smell), and the part of your brain that processes memories and emotions. That’s one key reason why luxury scented candles have such an incredible power to evoke certain feelings, or create a desired atmosphere. If you’re savvy about it, that means you can easily create a specific atmosphere for certain rooms in your house, just with the addition of a carefully-selected scented candle. Here are our top suggestions!

The living room

The living room is the one room in the house where everyone gathers and is always the first room most people think of when they have luxury candles to place. There are also multiple different spots where you can place your scented candle, such as on a side table to a coffee table. If you have a large living room, it might be nice to place at least two candles in different areas, as this will enable the fragrance to encapsulate the whole room.

Our top suggestions:

In the bathroom

Bathrooms can host all sorts of smells and scents throughout the day (some, let’s be honest, nicer than others). Bathrooms are often generally smaller than other rooms in the house, so careful placement is everything. If you are having a relaxing bath or shower, it could be nice to light a scented candle, especially as the calming scent can do wonders for washing away all the worries of a bad day and ease any stress that may be on your mind.

Scents that work well:

The bedroom

Possibly the one room in your whole house where you go to relax and using a scented candle can make your bedtime routine that much more blissful. In this room you want any scents to help ease tiredness and stress, helping you to fall asleep quicker and offer pleasant dreams. If you feel overwhelmed by strong scents, then floral scents can help you unwind while not being too overwhelming. However, if you are using the scent from the candles to add a level of romance to the room, then richer scents can really set the mood.

Scents that work well:


In the kitchen

This is one that takes a little bit of care right from the off, as the kitchen often plays host to all sots of delicious smells, especially from the aroma of delicious meals cooking. However, if your kitchen doubles as the place you’d normally host your guests, then lighting a scented candle can really help set the mood for some casual drinks. Or, if you’re someone who likes the smell of baking, but would rather not bake, then a scented candle that smells of cookies could help offer a cosier atmosphere.

Scents that work well:

  • Citrus (Dance, Joy)
  • Malted Vanillas (Blush)
  • Fruit such as apples and cranberries
  • Herbs and spices

Wherever you’re planning on lighting your scented candles though, make sure to remember the golden rules, and never leave one unattended for extended periods of time! Careful placement is important too, as you’ll need to keep the flame away from hanging fabrics such as curtains and lampshades.

And of course, besides the safety advice, don’t forget the most important thing – feel free to be creative! These are just a few of our own personal favourites, of course; you might well have one or two of your own! Whichever ones take your fancy, you can always find them right here on our website. Alternatively, feel free to visit us in person here at our Little Shop on the Farm – we’d always love to see you.

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