What’s not to like about spring?

11 March 16
Whats not to like about spring

We’re weeks away from the start of spring, which has got us thinking about why it is that we love this wonderful season so much. From the brighter mornings and warmer temperatures to the pretty cherry blossoms on the trees, there are so many reasons to embrace the season. What’s more you can bring spring into your home too with our scented candles – or add a touch of the season to your demeanor with a special spring scent!

The season of regeneration

Spring is without a doubt the season of regeneration. From newborn lambs frolicking in the fields to snowdrops blossoming in the woods, there’s new life everywhere.

Beautiful blooms start to appear too, adding colour and vibrancy to the landscape – something we’ve been short on for months. There really is nothing quite so cheerful as spring flowers – and when you look out the window they are everywhere.

 Whats not to like about spring

Wonderful aromas

Of course, the landscape isn’t the only thing we love about spring. The season comes with its own special scents too.

Some of our favourite exciting aromas that really let us know that spring has arrived include:

  • Toasted hot cross buns
  • Fragrant flowers, such as honeysuckle, jasmine and hyacinths
  • Fresh hay
  • Zesty, fruity flavours – such as oranges, peaches and plums
  • Clean and crisp scents, like fresh linen

Whats not to like about spring

Springtime at home

With our sumptuous scented candles and our lovely reed diffusers, it’s easy to bring the scent of spring into your own home too. At Melt, we have a range of fabulous spring scents that are just perfect for the season.

Dance scented candles, our full, feminine, floral scent, is reminiscent of breathing in the smell of fresh flowers on a hot and sunny day. The scented candle includes ingredients such as lily, jasmine, peach and mandarin – so it’s guaranteed to make your home feel alive.

If you’re looking for something subtle, yet still spring-like, why not try Hush scented candle? The chalky floral scent works in just about any space and is made up of peach, pineapple, roseda lily, amongst other swoon-worthy scents.

Whats not to like about spring

Spring skin

With the warmer months well on their way, spring is a great time to up your skincare regime. Rather than choosing any old body cream, why not pick something to complement the season and make you look, smell, and feel great!

Our Somerset Blooms bodycare range is perfect for anyone that craves silky soft skin that’s subtly scented too. Featuring everything from soap to bath milk and even rollerball perfumes, you’ll be sorted from top to toe. All products in this range come in a blackberry scent and a peony rose scent and are SLS and paraben free. The pretty packaging is also perfect for the season and will look great in your bathroom.

You might also want to try out our luxury Flora No1 perfume range, naturally fragranced with ylang-ylang, rose, lavender and violet. Some of the standout products in this gorgeous range include the Kentish Cobnut Scrub, Face Oil, and Eau De Parfum, all of which are perfect for pampering!

Whats not to like about spring

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