What does a candle symbolise?

19 December 16
What does a candle symbolise

Today, many of us use candles because they look or smell nice. In fact, there are many scented candles that don’t get lit at all and are simply used for decorative purposes. Historically, however, candles have been used in hundreds of cultures, making them steeped in history and symbolism. This is something we try and incorporate in our own creations, making each candle special for you.

Unique symbolism

burning candle flame

Over the years, candles have been used in numerous ways. The Kwanzaa celebration uses special coloured candles while the Unity Candle is still a popular concept in weddings. The Advent wreath – with its four candles – also carries religious symbolism and still brings light to churches across the UK.

While used in many religious and cultural celebrations, candles also offer their own unique symbolism. For example, the warmth of a candle offers a sense of support and love while the light of a candle creates a feeling of optimism.

What about candle colour?

Melt colourful candles

According to candle therapists, the colour of a candle is important too. Colour therapists believe that colours can heal ailments while representing different qualities. We’ve listed some of the popular candle colours below:

A blue candle

Blue candles, like our Still fragranced candle, are said to heal fevers and headaches. A blue candle is thought to be quite spiritual, useful for meditation and healing and inspiring forgiveness and fidelity.

A rose candle

Rose or blush pink , like our Blush scented candle, are the ideal choice for those suffering from anxiety or depression. Candles in this colour are uplifting – promoting positive self love, friendship and joy.

A purple candle

Purple candles, like Violet and Black Pepper, are said to be great for fighting off colds and a must in the flu-ridden winter season. Like blue candles, they also have a spiritual edge, promoting spiritual awareness, wisdom and tranquillity.

An orange candle

Orange shades, like our Dance candle, are also great for depression. You only have to look at bright colours like orange or yellow to get that daily dose of happiness! As expected, orange candles give off joy and energy and are great to light up in the background when studying.

The symbolism of a Melt Candle

Our scented candles have also been named and created with symbolism in mind. We’ve put a lot of thought into each of our scented candles and sometimes it can take months for us to get a scent right.

You’ll be able to get a good idea of each candle just by its name. For example, our Angel fragrance is cosy and comforting as you’d expect and the Christmas scented candle is the perfect replication of Christmas – but in a scent. We’ve also got scents like Joy – which symbolise the happier things in life – while scents like Hush are ever so relaxing.

Don’t forget that candles are just part of our offering here at Melt Candles. We also specialise in fabulous skincare products too – guaranteed to transform your skin and make you feel great!

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