We Don’t Just Sell Candles…

15 November 13
melt fragrances

As you may know from our previous blog posts, we previously spoken about our passion for fine fragrances. Therefore, not only do we sell luxury-scented candles, we also stock a range of hard to find designer perfumes, reed diffusers, candleholders, skin care and much more.

Nothing reveals more about a person than their choice of scent. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to some of our favourite brands:

Musgo Real

Musgo Real was established in Portugal (1887) by the original Claus & Schweder company. Created in 1920, Musgo Real fragrances offer one of the finest collections in existence.

The elegant collection of Musgo Real fragrances we have to offer are enriched with a masculine blend of lanolin, glycerin, karate butter and coconut oil – perfect for any man’s skincare regime.


Founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed and passed from father to son since then, CREED has served more than 10 royal houses and the public for more than 250 years.

CREED adheres to high standards in fragrance creation – using methods of hand production, such as maceration and filtration, a process that has been abandoned by most fragrance houses.

E Coudray

E Coudray (1822), brainchild of Edmond Coudray, a doctor, chemist, and perfumer began concocting creams, soaps for the greatest crowned heads.

These luxurious products are available in six different fragrances: Ambre et Vanille (a gourmand amber), Givrine (a fresh floral), Jacinthe et Rose (a floral composition), Musc et Freesia (a delicate musky bouquet), Nohiba (a floral featuring incense) and Vanille et Coco (a fruity, vanilla scent).

Ruth Mastenbroek

An English perfumer, Ruth Mastenbroek has created a range of luxury fragrances for those with a sophisticated sense of smell. View Ruth’s perfumes are modern and exclusive, based on classic forms.

Jean-Charles Brosseau

Jean-Charles Brosseau accidentally discovered Ombre Rose in 1978. Through the efforts of a talented buyer in New York, Ombre Rose quickly became a best seller in Amercia, France, the Middle East and the Far East.

Czech & Speake

Initially Czech & Speake created a range of luxury bathroom fittings and accessories. In 1980 the first exclusive aromatic fragrance was introduced (No.88). Since then, their fragrance line has grown both in size and popularity and its understated exclusivity has been maintained by strictly limited distribution.

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