Visitors to Twitter Lane!

4 March 16

It’s been an eventful week in many ways

Twitter Lane is starting to live up to her name & the walk to work is now accompanied by finely tuned & much practised birdsong belting out from the hedgerows. Even the still woefully wet weather can’t quieten our feathered friends now March is here.

And on an even more exciting note – the lovely team from Country Home & Interiors magazine have been back to see us! Only this time they were making a film.

Now! As wonderful an opportunity as it sounds – it did send us scuttling for cover somewhat. Known for our chattiness – we became rather mute when microphoned up & with a camera following our every move. That said, despite our discomfort, it was too good for ‘melt’ to miss & so we did our best.

Although we were slightly subdued – the Ribble Valley, Pendle & Back-ridge pulled out all the stops & gave them her best performance. The sun shone for TWO WHOLE DAYS, the winds dropped, the Llamas were snoozing in the sunshine – & there wasn’t a bickering goose to be heard (amazingly!).

Our visitors were undeniably charmed &

shot back down to London with what we hoped was some fab material & footage.  We’ll wait & see.

As we locked up & left for home this was the view from the farm gate on Twitter Lane.  Breathtaking…. The next day, it rained!