Scented travel candles: For Home Comfort Wherever You Are

21 April 14


Travel, whether for business or pleasure, can be an unsettling experience. No matter how gorgeous your destination, you can find yourself longing for the familiar comforts of home.

Plenty of famous celebs including One Direction’s Harry Styles have admitted to taking travel scented candles with them when they’re far from home, to remind them of the place they’re missing most and offer them a bit of comfort in strange surroundings.

In this article, we take a look at some of our most soothing scents that will turn any hotel room or apartment into a little oasis on the go…

Angel travel candles: smooth and sumptuous

Bursting with rich fruits, warm musk and a hint of comforting chocolate, our Angel scented candles are a popular choice for any voyager who wants to return to their hotel room at night and let all the cares of the day just fade away. Pop the cute little silver tin in your luggage and you’re set for up to 25 hours of fabulous fragrance.

Still travel candles: clean and calming

Full to the brim with herby florals and rounded off with fresh, clean mint and eucalyptus, our Still scented candles are reminiscent of a luxurious spa where you can let all your worries drift away. Still just £7.95 for 25 hours of fragrance, our Still scent is our most expensive and lavish blend, helping you to unwind with every breath.

Blush travel candles: soft and snuggly

This gorgeous travel candle is like a portable hug – a perfect choice for our home-sick and lovelorn travellers! Our Blush scented candles combine reassuring malted vanilla with elegant woods for a deeply comforting fragrance that will make you feel like you’ve been wrapped up in a soft, snuggly blanket.

White travel candles: mild and musky

Our White travel scented candles capture peppery black lavender, sweet vanilla and musk, fresh mint, and rich amber in a fragrance that’s just unforgettable. A delicate balance of comfort and style, this is an ideal travel candle for stressed-out business travellers looking to chill out before or after a high pressure day.

Rich Cream travel candles: warm and woodsy

Whenever we smell our Rich Cream travel scented candles, we think of warm, foreign nights, exotic spices and intoxicating incense. For 22 hours of light and fragrance, our Rich scented candles are a perfect pick-me-up choice that will revitalise your mind for another busy day in far-flung climes!

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