Top Tips To Creating 3 Beautiful Atmospheres In Your Home

28 February 18
hygge interior

We’re bold enough to call ourselves something like experts here at Melt when it comes to creating atmospheres at home. We know the feeling when you want to define your space to have a particular mood, but just can’t quite seem to pin it down. Don’t worry, we’re on hand to help – with a couple of our own suggestions for luxury scented candles, too! So, without further ado, here’s how to make your room radiate with an atmosphere of…


The key when it comes to creating a positive atmosphere is: plenty of natural light! Natural light instinctively makes us feel happy and content, so you’ll want as much of it in your room as possible. Move heavy furniture from blocking out windows or any other sources of natural light, to let the colours of your room really shine.

Speaking of colours, some people opt for brighter primary colours for the walls, but you might possibly run the risk of it seeming a bit garish. Instead, another option is to keep the tone of the room neutral, but let them shine through in your decorations and furnishings. Red or orange throws and cushions are great for a splash of colour. Don’t forget to decorate the room with pictures of happy memories or other treasured scenes that make you feel good inside!

The ideal scented candle for a Positive space: Shine

shine scented candle


Cool neutral tones like blue and lavender are the ones to go for here, as they have an instantly soothing and relaxing effect on us, putting us at ease after a tough day. Whether you want to reflect this in your walls or your furnishings is up to you, really, as cool neutral are less of a stylistic risk than the brighter colours we mentioned above.

You can choose your decorations carefully, too – lava lamps are popular in these sorts of rooms, but serene artwork of sprawling landscapes can help too. Meanwhile a low-maintenance plant is great for injecting a little bit of life into the space, without it being too distracting.

The ideal scented candle for a Calm space: Lavender

lavender scented candle


Now, sophisticated spaces can be quite tricky to pull off, but when you do, the feeling is absolutely amazing. Lighting is one of the first aspects it’s a good idea to focus on. A chandelier, sconce or elegant lamp can instantly transform the room. Don’t worry about being able to afford one – you can find some brilliant low-cost lamps at local charity shops or markets. Meanwhile, a mirrored surface that reflects light and colour can add another glamorous element. Take it easy on the colour palette – it needs to be restrained for a truly sophisticated effect, and strategically placed decorative drapery goes a long way!

The ideal scented candle for a Calm space: Cashmere

cashmere scented candle

These are just general tips, of course. When it comes right down to it, it’s all about what makes you the most comfortable. Go with the flow! If you need a little inspiration, you can always pop down to our little shop on the farm, and feel free to ask one of us about our suggestions for your perfect luxury scented candle. We’ve always got a lot of ideas!