3 Tips For A Stress Free Christmas

23 December 17
3 tips for a stress free christmas feature image

There’s only a few days to go until Christmas – eek! – and here at Melt, we’re already getting excited! Christmas can be a funny time for people though. Between getting presents, preparing food and tidying the house in time for the big day, it’s no wonder that it can all get a little stressful. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that we’re on hand to help with that at Melt. (And while we’re at it, our luxury scented candles make perfect companions for you to unwind!)

Here are our 3 top tips for a stress free Christmas:

  1. Get prepared early
  2. Focus on what’s important
  3. Schedule in some “Me Time”

So…ready for more detail?

  1. Get Prepared Early

presents wrapped and ready

OK we’ll admit, this is the slightly obvious one. But the fact that it’s obvious doesn’t make it any less true! If you’re hosting the annual Christmas get-together this year, it’s worth spreading out your to-do list over a full week, or even several if you can manage it. Of course, it’s probably not the best plan to do the cooking weeks in advance – but then again, who says you have to cook it all from scratch? Make life easier for yourself by grabbing a few shop-bought rolls, casseroles or cakes this year. Most likely, no one’s going to be able to tell the difference, and it saves you a lot of stress and hassle in return.

  1. Focus On What’s Important

shopping lists

This one is less clear-cut, as obviously it can vary depending on what’s important to you. But, presuming you’ve got a long to-do list around this time of year (and who hasn’t?), take a second to prioritise what’s on it. If you don’t mail that Christmas card to someone you haven’t spoke to in years, are they really going to notice? And if you neglect to organise the cutlery into the appropriate drawers based on size order, you hopefully won’t get cutting comments from your visitors. Get the important stuff done first, and if you don’t get to the entries further towards the bottom…well, there’s always next year!

  1. Schedule In Some ‘Me Time’

spending some alone time

Christmas is a time for family, and enjoying each others’ company in one of the world’s biggest annual festivals. But between all the rushing about making sure that everyone else is enjoying themselves, make sure you are, too! Once you’ve finished your to-do list, or the last guest has left on Boxing Day, make sure you’ve got time for you.

Personally, we’d recommend a lovely relaxing home spa – it never goes amiss! Or, you can unwind with one of our beautiful luxury scented candles: we find that our Christmas candle is perfectly suited for this time of year, or you can breathe in the heady scent of our Rich Cream luxury scented candle. It’s all up to you!

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