Timeless fragrances for men from Musgo Real

26 August 14
musgo real

This week on the Melt blog we’re exploring our fragrance range, beginning with – Musgo Real – designed just for men. Like women, we think it’s key that men too have their signature scent, one to reflect their personality and keep them smelling irresistible. That’s one reason why we love the Musgo Real range; there’s a scent for everyone, whether one’s preference is zesty and vibrant, or more subtle and woody.

Tailor made scents

Within the Musgo Real range, you’ll find five scents to choose from, each working with your body chemistry and natural body odour. Firstly, there’s Musgo Real No 1, an orange, amber cologne that mixes the fruitiness of mandarin with the relaxing, spicy scent of bergamot oil. Hints of amber and musk add a subtle, sophisticated touch to the cologne making the overall scent stylish and cool, with a hint of mystery.

Something natural

For the charismatic character try the woody fragrance of Musgo Real No 2. This cologne has a strong oak moss scent, cleverly blended with soft herbal accents. The woody spices, coriander and lime and outdoor scent combined result in a cologne that really is quite provocative and masculine.

An impressive combination

Musgo Real No 3 is perfect for energetic, enthusiastic, daring men who seek our fresh and invigorating experiences. The overall fragrance is described as spiced citrus and is the result of the mixture of wooden spices with coriander and the freshness of lime. It’s one of the strongest scents in the range – so it’s perfect for men looking for a fragrance that’s a bit original and intense.

A true classic

For a touch of romance, we’d recommend a more classic fragrance like Musgo Real No 4, our lavender cologne. Fresh lavender is mixed with sumptuous vanilla to create a clean, fresh, romantic fragrance suitable for any occasion.

A zest for life

For the perfect wake up call and to inject a bit of zest into your life, choose Musgo Real No 5. This cologne is infused with invigorating lime and basil – a great long lasting fragrance for men wanting to choose something a little more original.

Perfect for him

Men’s cologne is a great gift for any occasions – birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or as an impromptu gift. At the same time though, fragrance doesn’t have to be something you pop on your gift list. Why not treat yourself to a bit of luxury? Cologne is a great way to accentuate your character or to start a new season.

All the colognes in this particular range come in 100ml bottles and are just £30 per fragrance – so at that price you can afford to try them all. Unlike some fragrances, the Musgo Real collection also looks after your skin. Each fragrance is enriched with lanolin, glycerine, karate butter and coconut oil, keeping skin soft, moisturised and smelling fresh.

Which fragrance from the Musgo Real collection would suit your personality best and why? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles