Three new fragrances unveiled at the Home and Gift Buyers’ Festival

22 July 16
Three new fragrances unveiled at the Home and Gift Buyers Festival

If you’ve purchased one of our candles from our scented candle range, you’ll know just how important good quality is to Melt. So, while we love working on new fragrances for you all, they do take a bit of time to launch – due the perfectionist qualities in us. However, we’re pleased to announce that three brand new fragrances were perfected just in time for the Home and Gift Show. If you didn’t manage to attend the event – don’t fret; we’ll be giving you a rundown of our newest fragrances today.

Our three new scented candles have been over 18 months in the making. Yes – it really does take that long to create the perfect scent! Having played around with combinations, ingredients, and quantities for months, after a year and a half they were finally good enough to launch. We should add; we do have extremely high standards for our fragranced candles!

Cashmere scented candle fragrance

Modern day elegance with Cashmere scented candles

The first of our new fragrances to hit the scented candle range is Cashmere – a soft, warm, enveloping fragrance, available in a stylish “milky latte” colour. If you like a more grown-up snuggly fragrance, our Cashmere is for you. It features those must-have musks and vanillas with gorgeous floral Orientals and woods. In fact, it’s not like anything we’ve created before. So, if you’re looking for something comforting with a classy and expensive feel, Cashmere is the candle for you.

A chic and complex candle scent with Recherché

Like Cashmere, our second new fragrance, Recherché, was also expensive to make. If you’ve tried our scented candles, you’ll know we don’t scrimp on quality or ingredients. Your scented candle will continue to give off that full-bodied fragrance right until the very last hour of use. Getting back to Recherché, which will come in a chic pale grey colour, this is the candle for those of you that prefer something a little more complex. It combines dry, fine woods with some softer tones too, including aldehydic florals. It’s just one of those fragrances you have to try for yourself.

Woody, musky luxury with Dark Wood

Last, but certainly not least, is Dark Wood, which will be available in a stunning bark colour. We think it’s safe to say we’ve left the best of these three gorgeous new fragrances until last.

Dark Wood is crammed full of deep and woody scents, such as amber and sandalwood. The standout ingredient is the much talked about scent oud. Oud is extremely popular over in the Middle East and known as one of the most expensive raw scent ingredients in the world. In recent years, it’s caught on in the UK – and if you haven’t experienced it yet, then get your hands on our Dark Wood.

So there you have it – three stunning scents in three gorgeous, neutral colours, guaranteed to look good in any home. Keep your eye on the website for their launch – they’ll be coming very soon!

If you’ve yet to try any other fragrances from our scented candle collection, why not try our White scented candles? Universally popular, this clean, simple, and crisp scent is perfect for any room or occasion.

Which of our new fragrances are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles