The mood and mind-boosting power of jasmine

15 May 15
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The beautiful floral scent of jasmine is one of our favourites. Unlike its delicate flower, its scent is rich, exotic, tenacious and warm and it’s often described as the King of essential oils.

With its bold and heady fragrance it’s no surprise that the scent brings along a whole range of benefits with it…

It uplifts the mind and soul


Jasmine creates helps to create those thoughts of happy, happy, happy!

By stimulating the feel-good hormones in the body, such as serotonin, anyone using jasmine can expect a boost of energy and uplifted mood.

It clears the mind…

Clear thoughts

With a clearer mind comes mental clarity and alertness. What’s more, when your mind is clear symptoms of depression are often reduced.

The super scent seems to help bring problems into perspective – drawing a person out of depression and helping them see a problem for what it really is. It offers little choice other than optimism!

… and your respiratory system

Clear breathing

The sweet floral scent of jasmine provides relief from coughs by helping clear out the accumulation of phlegm in the respiratory tracts.

Great for use before bedtime, it should help to ensure a toss and turn-free night.

It can tackle a wide range of emotional issues…


From depression, to despair, fear, grief, insecurity, loss of self-confidence right through to trauma – jasmine is often the essential oil used to tackle these issues.

Like lavender, it’s an excellent shock releaser and mood changer.

… ensuring a good night’s sleep


By tackling those problems that keep us awake at night one can be assured of a good night’s sleep with jasmine.

It acts as a sedative and also has anti-inflammatory properties reducing emotional issues and the pain of physical issues that may otherwise prevent a good night’s sleep.

It clears up dry, troublesome skin

Clear Skin

When used as an essential oil in skincare it is particularly helpful for dry, troublesome skin. In fact, it has even been used to treat dermatitis when a skin condition has come on as a result of stress.

Where to find Jasmine

With its sensational smell and wide range of emotional health benefits jasmine was high in our must-feature oils at Melt.

Jasmine is actually found in three of our best selling melty wonders, proving you are all getting a whole lot of benefit from the heavenly scent.

Enjoy jasmine in:

Angel Scented Candle. A warm and comforting scent with a little burst of chocolate!

Angel Scented Candle

Burgundy Scented Candle. A soft, deep, cosy and relaxed fragrance that’s just perfect for calming the body and soul.

burgundy short and fat Scented Candle

Dance Scented Candle. One of our happiest and beautiful fragrances yet. Great for helping you get rid of all those inhibitions and increasing that much deserved self-confidence.

Why not explore our entire scented candle collection here?

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