The best countryside activities to enjoy with family this Spring

23 April 19
melt feature

The beautiful countryside and spending time with family are both things which are very close to our hearts here at Melt, and Spring is one of those wonderful times of year which allows us to combine the best things about both! If you’re in lush surroundings like our little chandlery nestled here in the Ribble Valley, you may well be thinking up some fun activities for you and your family this season. Well, we’ve got a few ideas for you – and once you’re done for the day, you can nestle into your favourite chair at home and relax amongst the enchanting scents of our luxury scented candles!

1. Visit a farm park

If you’re a follower of ours on social media, you’ll probably already know that we’re huge animal lovers here at Melt, especially of Tullulluh, our very own kitty here at the Chandlery! So it’s probably no surprise to learn that we love a good farm park. It allows you and the family to enjoy all the best bits about farm life, including the lovely sunshine, the open air, and of course the fluffy animals – with none of the associatd hard work! A pair of wellies and a windproof jacket never go amiss though, and of course you’ll have to prepare yourself for smells that are a little more…well, robust than you might find while wandering round our chandlery!

2. Get them green-fingered and gardening

While gardening might not be the first choice of many children nowadays, you might be surprised at how quickly they take to it! There are lots of advantages to getting children interested in gardening, especially if you live out in the country. It strengthens their connection to food, and can set them up with a healthy hobby for life. You can get them curious by taking them on a trip to your local garden centre, and getting them to pick out their own seeds to grow. Or, you can get them interested in other aspects of gardening, such as making pinecone bird feeders! Who knows, they might get a fresh appreciation for your own favourite nature-scented candles such as our best-selling Eden or Forest!

3. Take them on a welly walk

We are in the UK, after all, so it might be a bit optimistic to expect good weather all the time. Happily, a few drops of rain doesn’t necessarily mean the end of all outdoor activities. In fact, it can even make them more fun! As long as you all strap on a good pair of wellies (a sure staple of country life!), children can go splashing around to their heart’s content. If the weather is a little brighter and drier on the other hand, you might want to consider printing out a ‘spotter sheet’ from various online resources. These are a great way to spark children’s imaginations about the world around them, as you all hunt for some interesting local wildlife or plants. In fact, speaking of hunts…

4. Easter egg hunt

You might have been able to see this one coming! Easter egg hunts will always be one of the most popular springtime activities, not least because it allows you to get creative within the recesses of your own home or garden! You can amuse yourself hiding eggs within plantpots, atop bookcases, balanced on tree branches, or even perched atop outdoor light fittings. That’s just off the tops of our heads – we’re sure you can think of some even more creative places!

And once the family activities are over for the day, what better way to relax than with one of our wonderful scented candles? They’re perfect for putting your feet up, and getting your breath back at the end of a long, energetic day. Our Angel scented candle is the most popular for this, and Lavender’s a lovely one too! You may well have your own favourites within our range – you can see our full range of luxury scented candles right here on our website, or pop down to our little shop on the farm to pick them out for yourself! We’re always pleased to see you!