The air has changed: candle season has arrived

21 September 23
Autumn Candle

The air has changed, and autumn has begun rolling in. The days are growing ever shorter, and that subtle transition in temperature now beckons change into the atmosphere, imbuing the air with a sense of magic and whimsy. And as the leaves shift from the vibrancy of thriving forest green to the rich, deep crimsons, burnt oranges and vivid yellows that mark the end of summer, one thing is abundantly clear: luxury-scented candle season has arrived.

At Melt HQ, we adore autumn. It’s one of our favourite seasons, if not our favourite! The crisp chill, the crunch of leaves underfoot as you take the dog for a walk and the cosy glow of a fire crackling away in the hearth – what could be better? The seasons aren’t the only things shifting, either. The summer cookbooks are back on the shelf, the scarfs and jumpers have come out of the wardrobe, and the smell of savoury stews and berry crumbles gently drifts through the air like a whisper. Indeed, this is the season of warmth and cosiness, and what better way to mark the occasion than to light up your autumn nights with a scented candle?

Our top 3 autumn-scented candles

As we start switching out our summer decor for the richer tones of autumn, there’s nothing more relaxing than snuggling up under a warm throw and listening to the wind whistling outside as the room gently glows from the flicker of a flame. If this sounds like you, we have the perfect luxury scents for you to indulge in this season.

First up, we have Aubergine, the perfect transition scent. To us, Aubergine is synonymous with that magical time between autumn and summer, when the season is neither here nor there, and the hedges are still green, a little blowsy and rich with berries and fruit – that smells so, so good. So, our Aubergine fragranced scented candle is our version of ‘that’ wonderful time of year – rich, earthy and spicy. The scent itself is mulled wine with a floral twist. Think Damson gin, fluffy socks and thick woollen coats. With notes of amber, cedar, mandarin, bergamot and more, this luxury, scented candle is perfect for the final few summery nights as they fade into autumn and winter.

We have to give Autumn an honourable mention. As the name suggests, this candle is inspired by all things autumnal, so how could we not include her in our top three? Autumn is our ode to this time of year when it is brisk, cosy, snug, and just a little quieter than the festive season (which is always lurking just around the corner). It’s all about comfy jumpers, dancing through rusty leaves, conker fights with friends and Bonfire Night! This candle is your faithful companion for those peaceful, fire-lit evenings when you crack open a bottle of wine and watch old Halloween films.

Last but certainly not least, we have Burgundy. Picture those tranquil moments in which everything is quiet and relaxed – that’s Burgundy. Back in the early days of Melt, when we didn’t have as many Melters, we used to have a Chesterfield sofa that sat nestled in a warm and peaceful corner of our workshop (can you guess what colour it was?). As the busy festive season closed in, we used to run through all of our wax and then had to melt more from scratch before we could continue pouring. And that can take a while! So what did we do? We curled up on our Burgundy Chesterfield with a cup of tea and our four-pawed friend Tallulah – the workshop cat – and waited. That’s what this candle is to us: peace, stillness and comfort. Notes of ylang ylang, carnation, rose, and jasmine make this candle perfect for cosy corners or anywhere you’d like to settle with a good book.

Speaking of a good book, did you know our chandlery houses a reading room? Within this room sits an imaginative collection of books covering topics such as walking, nature and cookery (alongside some beautiful classics, naturally). Why not pop down to our shop on the farm and see for yourself?

If you’re further afield, don’t worry! Our impressive selection of luxury-scented candles is available right here on our website. But in the meantime, if you have any questions or want some further autumnal suggestions, why not get in touch with our friendly team on 01200 443377? We love helping our customers find their perfect candle!

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