The 3 best ways to create a cosy Christmas atmosphere at home

12 December 22
christmas living room

It’s finally the festive season! December is here, so that means it’s time for Christmas decorations, cuddling up with loved ones, and keeping away the cold by turning your home into a cosy Christmas nest. Here at Melt, we’ve always loved this time of year as it epitomises everything we’re passionate about – comfort, cosiness, and fantastically rich fragrances that delight the senses.

So, given our passion for all things festive, we’ve put together a quick list of tips that you can use to create a delightfully Christmassy atmosphere, right at home.

Add a little Christmas glow

Fairy lights, Christmas tree lights, and a whole lot of handmade luxury scented candles are all brilliantly effective ways of bringing a warm Christmassy glow to your home. It doesn’t matter where, either! Whether you’re looking to bring that festive feeling to your living room space, your bedroom, or even the bathroom, there’s just something particularly cosy about a source of warm light. As a general rule of thumb, yellow lighting gives the cosiest feel, so we’d recommend opting for a soft white bulb between 2,700 and 3,000K; and generally speaking, angle poise lamps and table lamps often seem warmer than bright overhead lights.

Layer up your decorations

Your decorative choices can have a massive impact on the level of Christmas cosiness you feel when you enter your home. Obviously, the Christmas tree is the best place to start, as this can then serve as the anchor point for the rest of your home design. If you’re someone who enjoys a classical green Christmas tree, then why not consider adding dashes of holly around your space to complement it? Alternatively, you could be extra creative and add some simple hoop wreaths to your windows to create further visual interest. Simply, layering up your Christmas decor is a very easy way to make a room feel more compact and cosy.

Infuse your space with a little festive fragrance

A naked flame is one of the cosiest features you can add to your home – you don’t need a detailed science explanation but the basic answer is that it appeals to us on a very deep evolutionary level, as it’s signified comfort and safety for aeons. Whether it’s through a roaring fireplace (whether it’s real or artificial, it doesn’t matter!), or a simple flickering flame from a lit candle, fire immediately sets the tone for a cosy atmosphere. Our Christmas scented candles give you the opportunity to take this snuggly feeling to the next level by adding a pleasant Christmas scent to your space. These candles are specially crafted to capture every side of the festive spirit, from the cheering, convivial scent of our Christmas candle, to the quiet, thoughtful serenity of Noel. Each one is a wonderful tribute to everyone’s favourite annual celebration.

If that sounds particularly appealing to you, then you’re in exactly the right place. Here at Melt, we specialise in producing hand-made, fine fragrance candles of fabulous quality; and it is our willingness to step out of the conventional fragrance arena that sets us apart from our rivals. We work hard to source our raw materials locally, and over 89% of our ingredients and packaging comes from Lancashire companies. Any of these scents will be perfect for the Christmas season, so you really can take your pick of the bunch! Alternatively, pop into our Shop on the Farm to experience the fragrances for yourself.

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