Perfect Summertime Scented Candles

14 July 17
soulful summertime the perfect luxury scented candles feature image

We’re well into the brightest, warmest season now, and it seems like an ideal time to revisit our perfect summertime luxury scented candles. Just as we’ve got our favourite selection for winter and spring, so too have we got a series of lovely little ladies to help brighten your summertime days even further.

Summertime Scents With Our Joy Candle Range

Joy is, quite simply, all the senses of summer packed into a single beautiful package. It’s fair to say we get quite a lot of grey weather here in Britain – especially in the winter – and after all that dreariness, hotter climate and brighter sunshine is an exotic and very welcome change.

It’s no wonder that we all get happier when summer rolls around, and nothing exemplifies that happiness better than Joy. She’s the quintessential summer fragrance; vibrant, full-bodied and cheerful – a scent you could just lose yourself in! When you need to transform the mood of your room, Joy is definitely the one to do it.

Joy scented candle range

Distinctive Summer Fragrance With The Shine Candle Range

Shine is one of our most distinctive fragrances; there’s no mistaking her lively, zingy grapefruit scent! It’s that effortless undercurrent of sweetness that keeps lots of our customers coming back for more – especially buoyed up with the tangy, refreshing hints of lemon and mandarin beneath it. Shine is the ideal luxury scented candle to get you in the mood for productive days whizzing about in the sunshine.

What’s more, her undernotes of amber and warm musks add a rich, smooth edge to round off the sharpness of the grapefruit, making Shine’s an intriguing, invigorating scent quite unlike any other!

shine scented candle range

Infuse Yourself With Our Dance Candle Range

With wonderfully potent ingredients like lily, jasmine and gardenia, Dance is the perfect luxury scented candle to infuse your life with a bit of sunshine and energy. She’s filled to the brim with vim and vigour, embodying all that summer energy that you get from this time of year. We think that makes her name exceptionally apt – after all, who doesn’t love a good boogie now and then? And there’s no better time than summer to be frolicking outside, making the most of the glorious sunshine. Dance is a worthy companion – and an amazing fragrance to boot!

Evoke A Sense Of Natural Beauty With Our Eden Candles

We know we’ve mentioned Eden before in similar lists, but that’s the best thing about her – she’s always great to have around! Her ingredients evoke a sense of natural beauty that’s wonderful all year round, whether you’re watching the flowers blossom into their full majesty in spring or enjoying the quiet mysteries of a thick forest in the wintertime.

At this time of year, though, at Melt we love those sun-soaked rolling fields and sprawling lawns awash in summer sunshine. It’s picnics in the sun, maybe a cheeky Sangria in your favourite deckchair, and it’s the smell of the trees around you as fluffy white clouds meander through blue skies above. It’s a natural heaven – it can only be Eden!

 eden candle range

As you can imagine we’re all about natural wonders here at Melt! After all, our little shop on the farm is in the heart of the stunning Ribble Valley, classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Feel free to come see some of it for yourself – and while you’re here, why don’t you take a look at our enviable range of luxury scented candles? Of course, you could always browse our selection online instead – remember, if you have any questions or need any advice, just give us a quick call on 01200 443377. We’re happy to help!

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