Styling your alfresco occasion

12 March 15

As of March 20th, we’re officially in UK springtime, which can only mean one thing – sophisticated garden parties and elegant tea parties in beautifully lit outdoors.

There’s something about getting your nearest and dearest over and enjoying a tipple or three in the garden. The fresh air, gentle breeze and mood-enhancing rays of the sun do something to our mind and bodies that the artificial setting of a home can’t quite achieve.

And when teamed with tasty cocktails, bite-sized afternoon tea delights and pretty décor, the alfresco occasion is really quite hard to beat.

But what about fragrance, does that have a role of play in your garden party?

It most certainly does! It’s just another way to add some decoration to your day – especially when worked into your garden party style.

Candles for your tea parties and garden parties

When choosing your outdoor party scent, it’s important to consider the season and the light-hearted atmosphere of the celebration.

You don’t want anything too overpowering or anything that takes away the fresh, fun feel of the day. We’d recommend some Melty favourites – Joy, Dance and Blush.

They’re all very spring like, with the first two being best suited to more lively affairs and the latter, Blush, being a match made in heaven for the vintage tea party.

Joy scented candle

Joy Scented Candle

dance short and fat scented candle
Dance Scented Candle

Blush scented candles
Blush Scented Candles

While we’re all about the saintly smells here at Melt, we also like things to look nice too – and our candles are renowned for adding a touch of party pretty too!

Think long trestle tables, lined with our tall and fat candles or garden paths lined with our short and fat candles.

Melt-tastic finishing touches!

Of course, while our scented candles provide all the charm you need for your tea party or garden party, there are still plenty of other ways you can add some style to your occasion.

Bunting is a fabulous touch for any outdoor celebration. Cheap, easy to find and available in a wide range of styles and colours, it’s the perfect party staple.

Think about creating a colour scheme for your garden party or tea party and use it consistently throughout your décor.

There’s something about a clean, consistent colour palette that gives of an air of sophistication and charm.

Remember to style your food. We’re not saying you’ve got to be meticulous about the amount of jam and cream on each scone – although we do have our preferences! We’re actually talking food flags, patterned napkins and doilies.

By adding these final touches to your foodie creations, you can turn something quite ordinary into something everyone is talking about.

Consider setting up a dessert table. Not only do desserts taste good, they also look great when laid out on a table reserved for your sweet creations.

A dessert table also adds a bit of a quirky touch to your styling – something we’re big fans of here at Melt. Eton mess and key lime pie anyone?

What activities have you got planned for spring? Tell us what you’ll be getting up to in the comments below or tweet us @MeltCandles